We’re All Ears!

Dear Pointless Overthinking Readers: Not long ago, this blog put together a management team in preparation to do a major overhaul of this site.  We have lots of ideas already, but we’d like to hear from you as we go forward. Toward that end, we’ve come up with a brief questionnaire.  Completing it will take … More We’re All Ears!

Being Joy

The inversion of Truth (that things and achievement are the source of our joy) has become so prevalent in society that the majority of persons are unaware that it is an utter falsity. For reasons that are highly suspect, the story related to happiness/joy has become very corrupt. On a daily basis, we are informed that this, that, or … More Being Joy

Upward Spirals

As I was writing my post last week, Good Mood of the Soul, I came across the research that joy and gratitude often result in an upward spiral. The more we focus on gratitude, the easier it is to perceive joy. And when in the midst of joy, we are more open to gratitude. So … More Upward Spirals

Becoming an Agile Person

Linkedin defines a person as agile when they have a positive attitude, resilience and are open to changes/transformations in processes, structures or relationships. One interpretation of an agile person is that it is a self-management concept consisting of three main attributes: adaptability, proactivity, and resilience.  The profile of an agile person, then, is someone who … More Becoming an Agile Person

Recommendations for Translated Literature: A window into another world

Zdrasti to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Today I’m writing to you from Sofia, Bulgaria, where I’ve been taking this week to do my own DIY writer’s workshop. The beautiful mountains have been a peaceful backdrop to inspire my days of creative writing. You might’ve read my most post last week titled, Translated Literature: A … More Recommendations for Translated Literature: A window into another world

How was your week?

Hello everyone, Let’s try something different today. Instead of discussing a topic, let’s just discuss how our week went: what we did, what were some good things, some challenges etc. For me, I had a good week. I am finishing up a project at work, so it is a little stressful, especially because I am … More How was your week?

Amor Fati and The Acceptance of What is Necessary

This idea of surrendering ourselves to something beyond our control is foreign to our natural inclinations as human beings. At our core we are meaning making creatures who tirelessly seek to rid the world of uncertainty, and have power over our natural environment. We develop myths, rituals, belief systems, and socio-political institutions all in an attempt to … More Amor Fati and The Acceptance of What is Necessary

Home, Sweet, Home

Once upon a time, I knew exactly how it felt to be home, sweet, home. My vision of that place in time and space was very clear. It was defined by the shape of a backyard, the dimensions of a house, and the placement of surrounding trees and shrubbery. What mattered most, however, were the … More Home, Sweet, Home

Goodbye Spunky

My wife and I take care of a few feral cats that live in our neighborhood.  They move quietly and gracefully into and out of our backyard and remind me of lithe shadows.  We feed and water them, and when it got summertime hot back in early June, we constructed a crude but effective cat … More Goodbye Spunky

Best Friend at Work

Do you have a best friend at work? And if you’re the boss, do you think most of your employees would be able to name a co-worker they consider a best friend? Surveys carried out in the US show the following findings: 84% of respondents said a job can’t truly be good unless they have … More Best Friend at Work

Translated Literature: A plea to bolster your reading palate

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Today I am writing this entry from a sleepy town in Montenegro, Bijela, to be specific. Not much happens in this provincial, coastal town, which means I’ve been doing more reading than touristing here. Particularly, enter today’s topic, translated literature. Over the past year, I’ve developed quite an affinity … More Translated Literature: A plea to bolster your reading palate