Caveman Wisdom

Two cavemen, Gronk and Thogg, were sitting on a rock ledge, overlooking the expanse of land that stretched before them. The afternoon sun was full and bright; not a cloud was in the sky. In the near distance, wildlife grazed or darted playfully to and fro. The warbled songs and stabbing calls of various birds … More Caveman Wisdom

Mid Summer Night

Last Friday, June 24, St. John the Baptist, in Northern Europe they celebrated the Mid Summer Night. When I was living in Estonia, I found out that it is a strong tradition also there and once I went with some friends to see what happened during that long weekend, as it is a public holiday! … More Mid Summer Night

Conscientiousness: The Ruthless Pursuit of Order

The Benefits of Conscientiousness Conscientiousness can be broken down into the following two aspects: Industriousness and Orderliness.  Those who score high in Industriousness are driven, focused and determined. They finish what they start. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the buzzword known as Grit? Well, it’s the same thing. Those high is Orderliness want everything … More Conscientiousness: The Ruthless Pursuit of Order

June 24th, 2022

I confess to not ever being comfortable with having pride in the country you were born in. Conceptually, I think it’s a flawed idea from the get go. A recipe for provincialism and a potent catalyst for intolerance and violence. Having said that, I admit there have been moments I’ve allowed myself to warm my … More June 24th, 2022

Understanding The Law of Attraction

The key point regarding a deeper understanding of the law of attraction involves an apparent major shift in our identity. I added the word “apparent” for good reason. Although we can only be what we actually are, it is possible, however, to hold erroneous beliefs regarding our essential nature. This is, in fact, the predominant situation for the majority … More Understanding The Law of Attraction

All that Jazz

Many Americans are convinced that the COVID pandemic is over.  Thinking this way would be a mistake.  I know because my wife contracted the virus at some point recently and tested positive on Friday of last week.  Despite being fully vaccinated, she’s feeling quite unwell. As a result, I’ve moved into the front bedroom—the one … More All that Jazz

How to Overcome Difficulties with the Ganbatte

Japanese people have an incredible ability to recover from catastrophes of any kind. After World War II that left the country in ruins, in just thirty years Japan became the second largest economy in the world, becoming leaders in the electronics sector in the eighties and nineties. How could the Japanese economic miracle happen? The … More How to Overcome Difficulties with the Ganbatte

The Pitfall of Reliance on Providentialism

In a previous post, I mentioned that reliance on “providentialistic” views was one potential difficulty for present-day Stoics. Today I’ll explain this a bit. When I say “providentialistic” or “providentialism,” I’m referring to what theoretical discourses term “divine providence,” or perhaps more accurately, a belief in divine providence. In short, belief in divine providence is … More The Pitfall of Reliance on Providentialism

Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The Cost of Consciousness Neuroticism is the trait associated with negative emotions. It can be broken down into the following two aspects: Volatility and Withdrawal.  Those high in withdrawal may be described as anxious, self-conscious, depressive and easily overwhelmed. Whereas those high in volatility may be described as touchy, irritable and unstable. In contrast, those … More Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The speed of life

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great time this weekend! I am having a lot of thoughts about the conditions that allows us to discover our true nature. I have been a believer that we can truly ‘go with the flow’ if we actually can flow, meaning that we can understand and align with … More The speed of life

The Heart Always Wins

This post is going to appear like a major detour from my usual topics related to consciousness and enlightenment, but it does contain a little information related to the law of attraction. The law, which many persons may find questionable, or outright unbelievable, is that we bring about what we think about. This can also … More The Heart Always Wins