Best Friend at Work

Do you have a best friend at work? And if you’re the boss, do you think most of your employees would be able to name a co-worker they consider a best friend? Surveys carried out in the US show the following findings: 84% of respondents said a job can’t truly be good unless they have … More Best Friend at Work

Translated Literature: A plea to bolster your reading palate

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Today I am writing this entry from a sleepy town in Montenegro, Bijela, to be specific. Not much happens in this provincial, coastal town, which means I’ve been doing more reading than touristing here. Particularly, enter today’s topic, translated literature. Over the past year, I’ve developed quite an affinity … More Translated Literature: A plea to bolster your reading palate

To Swim As God

One of the books that I’m currently reading is entitled The Yoga of Knowledge, Jnana Yoga, by Swami Vivekananda. From what I’ve discovered about Swami Vivekananda, he was an Indian monk who was a disciple of Ramakrishna and played an instrumental role in bringing the teachings of Vedanta and Yoga to the West. Here, I offer … More To Swim As God

Conditions of Truth

Last weekend I was sitting around with some parents and telling funny stories about our kids. One mother dramatically acted out what her 7-year-old son has recently started saying about his 5-year-old little brother anytime he perceives there to be a partial truth on the air, “Liar! He’s a liar!” We were all chuckling about … More Conditions of Truth

Egyptian Literature: Ancient dreams influence modern writers

Papyrus scrolls. Elaborate tombs. Unparalleled prosperity. Ancient Egyptians spent much of their time day dreaming about the after life. This, no doubt, influenced their literature; writing is a reflection of the times. The restless streets of Cairo have a beguiling charm. The vast history of the country unravels itself to newcomers through their unique hieroglyphics, … More Egyptian Literature: Ancient dreams influence modern writers

Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self

Agreeableness breaks down into Compassion and Politeness.  Compassionate people are the caring, loving types. They are sympathetic towards other people’s feelings and take an active interest in their friends and families lives.  Polite people are very careful with their words. They have a deep respect for authority and hate to seem pushy or impose their … More Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self