Making Space Within You

During my training as a well-being counsellor, I became aware of a very powerful exercise called “Making Space Within You”. I would like to share it with you. Making Space is an exercise in getting conscious of what’s going on within yourself and finding a little space between you and your concerns. This can help … More Making Space Within You

A Pleasant Surprise

I am drawn to the quietness and vastness of West Texas for a variety of reasons.  That big western sky lights up red, orange, pink, and purple as the sun drops below the horizon each sundown, proving, quiet conclusively, that no human painter (even one who considers herself a fauvist) is as audaciously creative as … More A Pleasant Surprise

Food for Soul

Hello! You know how often we talk about the food we eat and how it affects our body. What we put inside affects the way our body functions. I agree with that. But I agree with more: what we put in our minds affects our soul (or psyche). Here is what I mean. Let’s say … More Food for Soul

On Solitude

If I could, I would spend the better part of my time in solitude. Preferably it would be surrounded by the beauty of nature. The splendour of the trees and flow of the sparkling rivers drown out the noisy sounds of the busy city streets. For what is nature itself but a grand cathedral. It … More On Solitude

Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical healthcare professional. Please read our disclaimers page here) With the obvious exception for those who have legitimate medical reasons, I believe that making vaccinations mandatory for COVID-19, in the current climate, can be ethically justified. Now, to be clear, there’s a difference between mandatory vaccinations – where certain penalties are … More Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

What The “Get Back” Documentary Taught Me About The Nature of Creativity and Friendship

Ok, buckle up; this is a long one. Here are but some of my thoughts on the recent release of the groundbreaking documentary about the Beatles in their final days, “Get Back.” Spoiler alerts ahead, BTW. First off, if you’re a casual fan of the band, if you watch this 8 1/2 hour Odyssey, I’d … More What The “Get Back” Documentary Taught Me About The Nature of Creativity and Friendship

Let Go of the Past

Why would you let go of the past? You have for sure nice memories, and lessons learned, which shape your personality. But letting go of the burden of the past would be important to your happiness. At least some of it. Many people live in the past; they remember their behaviours, the love stories that … More Let Go of the Past

Ordinary Blessings

Hello! Today’s topic is blessings. Everyone one of us have things we can be grateful for. Some of those things are so ordinary that we may not even see them as blessings. For example, if we can have the means to have breakfast and dinner every day, that is a blessing. I had broken my … More Ordinary Blessings

The Sweetie Draw

When I was about 8 years old, my family and I went over to our next-door neighbour’s house for dinner. After dinner, their daughter offered me a sweetie. So, she led me into her room and opened up her “sweetie draw.”  What she had done was save up her sweets over months and months to … More The Sweetie Draw