LESSON TWO:  A Book Excerpt

By Troy Headrick NOTE:  The following is an excerpt from a book I’ve written on critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and self-actualization.  Each chapter is called a “Lesson” and ends with a journal writing assignment that gives the reader an opportunity to explore the concept(s) discussed in the lesson.  I would appreciate your feedback... Continue Reading →

Energy Saver

Hello! Wishing everyone a good Sunday and a good week! The dominant topic this past week has been how to save energy for me. Namely, how do I save my energy so I can be a better version of myself? I have been thinking about this longer but this week was the action time. What... Continue Reading →


Photo by Lindeboom Jean-Bapt on Pexels.com In aviation we have a term called AOG that means Aircraft on Ground. It refers to a plane that can’t fly because of a technical issue. We might also say a pilot is grounded because of a disciplinary issue, or that passengers are grounded because of weather. In all... Continue Reading →

The Value of Philosophy in the Digital Age

Like many, I used to think that the subject of philosophy was dull and filled with abstract intellectual concepts that had little relevance or significance in my life. Staring aimlessly out the window in a high school philosophy seminar, I thought to myself, what can I possibly learn from these books that were written thousands... Continue Reading →

How to Embrace Change

Life is constant change, Buddha and Aristotle already said it: change is a fact of life. But change has also been accelerating in recent decades. Massive disruption across the social, technological, political and environmental dimensions of our lives means that we are constantly trying to figure out how best to manage uncertainty. And for someone... Continue Reading →

You Won’t Be Sorry

By Troy Headrick During this past week, I went back and reread the autobiographical blurb I have posted on Pointless Overthinking’s “Our Team” page.  It had been a long time since I’d looked at what I’d penned about myself.  I wanted to see if it still felt true. I’d forgotten that I’d written about myself... Continue Reading →

A Teacher Speaks Out

By Troy Headrick I want to make a bold claim:  Good schools can save the world. I bet a whole bunch of thoughts come to mind when you hear the word “school.”  I mention this because I have some pretty unorthodox ideas about schools and what they really do—or should do.  My point is, I’m... Continue Reading →

What’s the Point?

By Jack Canfora This evening, I will have a (virtual) table read of a new play of mine. I think it has promise, but for me, and I think I'm not alone in this among playwrights, until I hear it out loud, I can't be sure. Reading it is different from hearing. Unlike, say, novels... Continue Reading →

Can you slow down?

Hello PO family! How are you all doing? Long time, no see! I had to take an unexpected and long break from writing but I plan to be more regular from now on. Hopefully, we will continue meeting on most Sundays. There was a lot going on in my life, hence the break. But I... Continue Reading →

Question of the Day: No. 542

I've been staring at a blank screen for the past hour or so. Ok, that's not true. I've actually been staring at several non-blank screens in an effort to keep me from staring at the one blank screen I should. So, I decided to post another question of the day. Here it is: What tactics... Continue Reading →

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