We don’t always end up where we intended in life. Sometimes, we are made to divert long before reaching our final destination. Other times we may complete the journey only to find the airport is closed on arrival, forcing us to divert at the last moment. Whether it’s some kind of emergency or our own … More Diversion

Context > Texting

I’ll start with a tangent (can you begin with a tangent? If you’re starting with it, by definition it’s the thing your discussing. Anyway): today in the American Northeast, January is wearing the look that earned it its street cred: impossibly depressing wet snow that can’t even reach the muddy dead grass without corroding into … More Context > Texting

Acts of Kindness

My kids and I are in quarantine. Hearing about this, a friend left a bag with flowers, soup, mac ‘n cheese, herbal tea, chocolate bars and most importantly, a project for each child on the porch. She didn’t ask what we needed because I would have said “nothing. We are fine. But receiving her offering … More Acts of Kindness

Maintaining The Best Mental Health: A Simple Guide

 Please note this is a partnered post and may contain affiliate links. Maintaining great mental health in the modern day is becoming more and more difficult. There are so many things that can cause extreme stress and anxiety, and it’s far too easy to get swept into the tide of chaos and confusion. Thankfully, it’s … More Maintaining The Best Mental Health: A Simple Guide

Must Great Artists Act Like Bad People? Joan Didion Had Some Thoughts

By Jack Canfora Ok, just to be clear, this isn’t a post debating the merits and debits of cancel culture. At all. So, let’s all take a cleansing breath to celebrate that. However, the recent passing of the peerless writer Joan Didion got me to thinking about what it takes to be a great writer … More Must Great Artists Act Like Bad People? Joan Didion Had Some Thoughts

Bemoaning our Fate

Year ago I was writing a technical book with two business partners. It was a beast – 737 pages of dense and technical content. We divided up the chapters that each of us was going to write. I agreed to do more than the others because I’d written a technical book before. But it was … More Bemoaning our Fate

7 Fun Ways To Keep Your Aging Mind Healthy

This post was paid for and written by FATJOE – “one of the worlds largest providers of outsourced Link Building, SEO Services, Copywriting and Video and Design services.” Please check out the link for more details. People are afraid to grow old because they don’t want to lose their cognitive abilities. An important part of healthy aging is staying active, … More 7 Fun Ways To Keep Your Aging Mind Healthy

Stuck in the Clouds: An Aviator’s Guide to Pointless Overthinking

I have a love-hate relationship with thinking. Sometimes, I get in these kinds of flow states where I follow my train of thought – connecting the dots along the way. When I follow my thoughts in this way, I find it euphoric. I often derive my best writing doing so.   This is all well and … More Stuck in the Clouds: An Aviator’s Guide to Pointless Overthinking