Are we living in the future?   I think I should’ve started with this, but better late than never. Ok, so what made me start this blog? In the beginning, my intention was to use writing as a way to escape the real world, but in my journey through my thoughts I found out that it’s a great way to take a step back and to look at everything from different perspectives. By doing this I realized that I can be more peaceful with myself and with the ones around me. I’ve also noticed that being able to see multiple perspectives about a situation controls the way I feel about that particular situation and that my frustrations fade away.

   It was interesting for me to realize that the more I know about something, the more I realize that I know nothing and somehow this eliminates any premature emotions about different situations. Also, realizing that I know nothing created a big thirst for me to learn as much as I can. Knowing that I know nothing really puts things in perspective for me and because of this I have a higher control of my thoughts and thus, a higher control of my emotions. Questioning everything is a great way to realize what I want and also to have a wider view about things and doing this makes me realize what’s truly important in life.

   All of this made me want to spread the word and my goal is to reach to as many people as I can to tell them that they might have to question everything they know for them to be more peaceful because most of those things might be wrong, especially if it involves opinions and situations regarding other people. I’m not saying I’m right and I’m not saying that this works for everybody, but I think that our own life is too important for us not trying things that might help getting to our best.

   I’m doing the best I can to help people ask themselves the right questions in order to bring to the surface their true selves. This might help people realize what they want in this life and go for it because life is too short.

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  1. My pointless overthinking kinda
    Leads me to the following conclusions:
    It happened without me trying to get to the bottom of things.

    We question ourselves and stop demanding answers. Sometimes Let them reveal themselves.

    Also it could be its open ended. we have to acknowledge that we know nothing about our own selves. Forget others. We know absolutely nothing about ourselves. We just have an image of ‘us’.
    I think we understand others slowly as we introspect our own being.
    We all have this need for a situation to turn out a certain way. But why ? Why cant we just let things fall apart or fall back ? Whatever nature wishes.
    The very fact we like to control everything around us makes us demand answers. That sense of entitlement.
    We have this faculty of thinking which makes us feel like life owes us answers. It doesn’t. Its more about how we align ourselves to the ongoings of life.
    But whatever happens, it makes sense in the long run and blends well in the overall pattern.

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  2. Btw i like your picture logo 🙂 life is too ……… that icon is so explanatory for the entire question you posed 😂 coz life is short… we are gonna waste it in asking innumerable questions and their answers may not be sufficient to be written in this lifetime.

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  3. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!! You are Rockin’ it!
    Your post reminds me of this affirmation

    I come out of the darkness in to the Light
    I come to the World knowing No thing,
    I bring No Thing to the World
    I AM empty of ALL things,
    Therefore, I AM ready to Receive, ALL Things.

    it’s helps me, remind me, on this journey of questioning perpsective, to BE empty….so there is always room to fill up with what truly serves…Thank you for the work you ARE doing!!!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, that’s very true. That’s why it’s so hard for us to find what we really want. There are too many layers of other people that we wear and because of this we need to dig deep to rediscover ourselves.

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  4. Wow…I’m not that incisive of a thinker. I will check in after you’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for me. Seriously! Good job and I appreciate your sincerity.

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    1. I think that mostly fear. I’m not used to attention and I don’t want attention. Also, I have a weird opinion that an idea can be stronger if it’s not associated with a certain figure because lots of judgment won’t happen, at least at the beginning (I keep thinking about this). But when someone asked me my name, I have given it. Further more, I feel free to write whatever I want. And it’s not about remaining anonymous. One of my goals is to write a nonfictional book by the end of the year and when I launch it, my name will be on it. I’m a work in progress to overcome that fear.

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  5. Hello,
    I agree with how you feel about blogging.
    Blogging for me is a reflecting activity. I take a step back like you said, reflect on what I do personally because that is what you have to do before daring to share your thoughts and insights with someone else.

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  6. Hi DM. You followed my little “Pictured Words” site, so I came out here to see who you are. You remind me of my son. In fact, so much so, that I questioned whether he possibly has a blog he never told me about. 😉 Keep thinking. Keep writing. Keep searching.

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    1. Hello! Thank you! I’m pretty sure I’m not your son, but you can show this blog to your son if you think we might have similar mindsets 🙂


  7. I have realised the older I get the less I know, and I’ve been around the block a few years now😜

    But doing the best that we can is all that we can do, and your article is great because you are sharing of yourself to help others 💙

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    1. Thank you! I think it depends… overthinking about the past is not helping at all, especially if it’s in a dwelling perspective. I believe that overthinking is helpful if we’re trying to find multiple explanations to one behavior and not to trust the first thing that goes through our mind.


  8. Thanks for the follow, DM – I’ve returned the favour. I like your approach as asking questions is a far better way to live than blundering around blindly. Everything is multi-faceted like a diamond (or my disease).

    And I love that you have chosen that Santorini photo for your header. I have good memories of walking on that volcano in the water-bound caldera.

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    1. It is my pleasure and thank you for following back! I’ve been in Santorini in my honeymoon so I have great memories as well! My lovely wife did that picture!


  9. I have found that the questions are almost always more important than the answers.

    I love what you say about premature emotions on a subject being eliminated when we gain an accurate sense of what we ACTUALLY know about it. It’s very true.

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    1. Thank you! I see it all around us and I see people suffering so much for what they think they know before actually trying to find the truth. I used to suffer because of that too (and I still do from time to time), but I found questioning those assumptions as being very helpful.


  10. i love what you write here 🙂 for me is like learning something new everyday, there is no exact formula how to lived this life. it’s too complicated and i’m not sure if i can say it right in English 😀 😀 😀 but anyway, thank you for stopping by and followed my blog, i really appreciated it … so much ^^

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  11. This reminds me of Socrates, who is reputed to have said something along the lines of, “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance” and “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Thanks for subscribing to my blog

    Overthinking is a difficult problem. It’s really useful to learn to quiet the mind if thoughts just keep coming. I’ve found meditation good for this. But you point to something else, that we have these thoughts because we need to work stuff out, so just stopping the thoughts altogether isn’t the way to go either. Learning some critical thinking is another good thing to do, so that we think better when we’re thinking.

    All the best. Subbed. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! While meditation and other ways are very good in bringing some clearness into our minds, questioning can help with changing the mindset. I believe that one can complete the other so whatever we can use to improve our lives.


  12. Beautiful perspective. I completely believe that we cannot know everything about anything or anyone, and that if we are open to it, we can learn and grow from every interaction amd every situation. As you said, we are all such a rainbow of colors. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

    Thank you, by the way for following my blog :).

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  13. Thank you for liking my blog! I am new to blogging and really happy that someone else has the same thought of documenting their thoughts. I know right, I am so outdated I only been into blog recently. Hahaha anyways, love your work. keep it up!


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  14. Hi. I’m new to WordPress but I enjoyed your post a lot. Accepting myself as an over thinker, rather than fighting myself and judging myself for it, paradoxically gives me space and distance from my thoughts (yes that’s a nod to mindfulness based and dialectical theories). Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  15. ” I think that our own life is too important for us not trying things that might help getting to our best.

    I’m doing the best I can to help people ask themselves the right questions in order to bring to the surface their true selves. This might help people realize what they want in this life and go for it because life is too short.”

    I can really identify with this. I’ve lived, so far, for half a century plus ten years and believe me, life IS too short. I spent most of my life 1) ignoring politics because (a) I didn’t really understand what was going on (b) didn’t trust the politicians. I live in the UK, which as some of you may know is going through a horrendous political time at the moment; and 2) not listening to my creative self. I’m finally addressing both of these, and although 1) I still don’t understand a lot of what is going on politically in my country, I now understand enough to get angry about it; and 2) over the last eight years I have given rein to my urge to be creative, which has resulted in (so far) four books.

    I think it is good, and healthy, to educate yourself, and to question everything, especially the things you care about – because education doesn’t end when you leave school/university. In fact I would go so far as to say I have learned more since leaving school than I ever did whilst being in full time education!

    There’s definitely no ‘right’ way to live life – but I’d say ‘kindly’ is a good start. Great blog! 🙂

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