Question of the Day – No. 125

How do you differentiate between your true wishes and the wishes you “borrow” from other people?

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  1. What matters is that my wishes make me feel good, then I know they are at least true for me. I don’t concern myself about where the idea came from as I think that doesn’t matter. In fact, they might even be Divinely inspired.

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  2. I follow the rule of ‘need’ versus ‘want,’ by asking is it something I need or is it something simply want. Eight out of 10 times, it’ll be a ‘want’ and therefore it can be set aside.

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  3. If it makes me uneasy or anxious, it’s probably someone else’s wish for me – even if it’s someone I love dearly. If it’s something that I look at, and feel some peace or worthy challenge from – then I will generally rate it as being internally inspired.

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  4. I doni’t borrow from other people because no one can think like me but me…I just follow my heart and my own dreams…. 🙂

    “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier

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  5. There are times when my wish is what my child wishes. Other times it’s my own and I refuse to share haha. I have big dreams, but sometimes it seems unachievable even though I know people who have achieved it and it is totally doable. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll get there at some point. It just feels like a dream right now…

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  6. The things I wish for are not like anyone else. The people around me don’t dream big dreams and don’t have crazy ideas and honestly they are boring.

    I would say the easiest way to know who the dream belongs to is to see how others feel about it. Now I don’t need anyone else’s approval but chances are if you have a big dream in your heart the people around will probably hate it if it’s not their dream.

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  7. Okay so without sneaking a peek at any other answers …for me it’s all about what I’ve learned in my upbringing. So definitely we are all borrowing from someone else. The questions we have to answer: are we borrowing positives or negatives and if your intentions are one or the other how is it impacting others?

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