Question of the Day – No. 144

Which aspects of your current environment are more hurtful than helpful?

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      1. You’re right. Sometimes, I get so frustrated when I let people close to me know that I’m working on an issue I have in order to improve myself and that admission seems to give them carte blanche to, then, make anything that comes up between us something that I have to work in cuz I’ve admitted that I have issues and they haven’t. I’m like, if two people have something come up between them, isn’t it something that they both need to work on? I guess if you don’t admit you have issues, you have nothing you need to work on and you can lay it all on the other person.

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  1. Cads behaving themselves as Alpha.
    Such as drunk man smoking in children playground. Old woman begs him to move away and… you know.
    Vapor-idiot smoking on a children playdate.
    Cad-woman parking her bmw on a handicapped spot and driving against general direction.

    When I’m think there are cads on every social level and they are Alpha and they are in the saddle.
    It’s not a pleasant thing to look at.

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  2. I think that in time I managed to make my environment the best for me now and for what I want in life. Of course, it’s a work in progress, but I’m satisfied with it now.


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