Question of the Day – No. 160

What do you like to do when you’re tired?

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  1. I like to snuggle, and watch the trees outside the window move in the breeze. Should one of the cats join me and start purring; I’m out like a light. Or I’ll settle on the sofa and watch something that brings peace – oceans, animals, snow….

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  2. When I’m tired, I tag my hubbs in to take over with the littles; grab anything with a point becuz my oldest now knows how to pick locks smh, lock the door, cuddle under the covers and write a chapter until I get sleepy. It’s amazing how we are so intuned with our phones, that we “work” or scroll til our eyes get tired

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      1. Yes, I have actually, it’s the worse. Makes me want to throw a temper tantrum like a toddler lol. So I try to listen to music or read or watch tv until my brain wires down

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      1. Lots. I have a board for house building ideas (sims 4 is currently the preferred building game), then i’ve got a board for book writing (tips and tricks, memes, Writing prompts,…), then i’ve got one for mental stuff, book Fandom, a board just for memes,…
        My favorite is “1000 words” where i pin concept art i find on Pinterest

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    1. Well, If I really think about it, I think I’m tired all the time, but what I want in life is more important so my desire is tougher than tiredness. For me, being tired is good because I know I’m doing stuff. If I have too much energy, I need to consume it with something.


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