Question of the Day – No. 162

Who/what inspires you?

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  1. Pretty much anyone that I find really creative that managed to show his work to the public. And people that managed to find an unconventional job that they love. A youtuber can be a good example. There are tons of types of channels that create interesting content and it’s inspiring to see them do what they love and find people that enjoy it.

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    1. I use music in a similar way. I play music that matches my mood and slowly shift the genre to bring me to the mood I would rather be in. For example, when I’m angry, I will blast Slipknot and progress slowly from that to Al Jarreau. 😁

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      1. Cool! I make myself laugh when I’m wearing my earbuds and blasting Slipknot while i’m on public transit. I know that the passengers around me can hear it. And, I just sit there looking like an innocent old lady. 😂

        I can go from Megadeth to Bob Dylan because Dave and Bob’s voices. 🙃

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      1. Babies are pure and don’t have any preconceived notion of who one should be. They smile because it’s natural and they cry when they’re upset. I love their authenticity.

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  2. My daughter is an inspiration to me. She has been through so much in her life and has persevered. She continues to work through difficulties today with 2 children that have an extremely painful, chronic, degenerative, disease that currently has no known cure. She has been abreast of the research relating to the disease in order to advocate for the best care for her children. And, even with the children frequently being in and out of the hospital, she is still there for all of her 6 children. She home schools them (they are all highly intelligent), makes dates with each child individually to give them her devoted attention, she and her husband arrange fun family outings at least once a month. All the while doing the mom thing of doing the shopping and errands to keep the household running smooth; making sure the kids have a balanced, healthy diet; making sure the house is clean and the laundry done, taking each child to their appointments. She also attends to the families’ spiritual needs taking them to their place of worship every week. She also schedules play dates with their friends and extra-curricular activities to keep a healthy balance to the homeschooling. She encourages her children to work on their aspirations. She is very attentive to her relationship with her husband. They go on dates once a week to focus on each other. She makes time for family and friends by checking in on each one frequently and getting together with each one often. On top of all that, she makes time for pursuing her own dreams, philanthropy, and political activism. To do all of this, she is very resourceful, determined, and dedicated even through her own health issues. She is such a good example for her children that the 3 older ones have already made their own great accomplishments. The 17 year old is certified in first aid and CPR. She is also a published author with a growing audience. The 15 year old had a valid food handler’s card. She is also an award winning painter and a budding culinary artist. The 10 year old is also an award winner painter and a budding comedian. All three of them are budding entrepreneurs who have made a big impression at every Children’s Entrepreneur Fair they have attended.

    My daughter is my hero.

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    1. Oh, crud, I almost forgot. My daughter is also employed part-time at a birthing center as their contracted supply purchaser, inventory manager, security technician, plumber, electrician, maintenance technician, equipment mechanic, promotions technician, ‘stage’ hand, building renovation technician, courier, construction consultant, and contractor for large jobs. If anyone were to be nominated as a superwoman, she would be the top contender.

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      1. Thank you 💖 Few people are aware of all that she does. She’s not one to toot her own horn. And, where ever possible, she likes to do things anonymously.

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      1. Severe PTSD, anxiety and depression with psychosis. I’m just learning how to find my own acceptance. In a way I suppose it is a way for me to find peace in accepting and “coming out” with my illness.

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      2. Many things are triggers. However, I have grown to be very resilient over the years when it comes to identifying every one. What I have learned is that my body and my mind do alert me. I tend to become very sensitive both physically and mentally. It’s the fight or flight response. I don’t shake with fear anymore but at times I do overthink and analyze after shaking off the initial “freeze,” and rush of panic and/or fear.
        As for the trauma, I don’t even know where to start!

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      1. He’s just always such a bright, happy and exuberant being! Always has a smile on his puppy face, always has the energy to take me for a run, always ready for a cuddle at all times. His positivity just radiates from him and is enough to lift my spirits. I can definitely learn a lot from him… 🙂

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      2. By the way! I’m not normally one to advertise, but I’ve just uploaded a blog post on developing self-compassion and it would mean so much if you or anyone else could take a look at it! I only started my blog 3 days ago but I really want to get the message across of building positivity around mental illness, and tearing down the stigma we’ve surrounded it with. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives, especially in our youth. It’s just such a dear topic close to my heart. Thank you so much for your time ❤️ hope you are doing well!!!

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      1. Maybe it was that time I gave someone my car. It was only a couple years old and I didn’t ask for money. Maybe its those times when I let people talk and I just listen? But I honestly don’t know.

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