Question of the Day – No. 166

What do you like to talk about whenever you have the chance?

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  1. I like to talk about movies, books, the environment, and public policy (politics). Although I will generally talk about anything and everything as long as its not the weather (small talk–I loathe small talk)

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  2. Silly things. Nonsensical conversations about nothing at all, particularly when using emojis. It brings some light relief from the serious stuff I write about all day long.

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      1. It’s all over the board. People generally talk about something that scares them in the sense that a spider or a snake scares them. Sometimes people are afraid of losing something, like material possessions, but also ideas like losing your eyes or teeth, or even something along the lines of losing the ones the person loves. The type of fears I’m searching for are not these. I’m trying to discover the quintessential element of fear, which I’ve so far named the lingering.

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  3. Psychology. I graduated from an undergraduate “pre-grad” honors college with a degree is psychology. It has always been a passion. Unfortunately, I don’t get to talk about it often since that wasn’t the career path I followed. I mostly discuss it with my spouse in the context of either child development or the criminal justice system.

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      1. Parents that express their love is one of the biggest protective factors oddly enough. There are tons of other factors. Exposure to violence is a risk factor for example (and this includes on tv and video games). There is also the highest factor – the child’s innate tendency toward resilience. They have no idea how to build resiliency though. There are just protective factors and risk factors.

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  4. Oh I can talk about pretty much anything! I can flit around like a butterfly while conversing. But lately I have noticed I seem to talk a lot about getting old and losing my memory and missed opportunities! Its all I seem to think about!

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      1. I feel like I have so less time with me and so much to see and do!! Will I ever be able to see and do all that I want to see and do? To be very honest I feel like a failure. I feel like I have not lived as much as I am capable of and that much of my potential is going to remain untapped.

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      1. He told me once, “You are now my sister-of-sorts.” I had always wanted a brother since I was a young child. I never dreamed that he would be that to me. It meant so much to me–more to me than him, apparently. Being ‘disowned’ by my ‘brother’ still hurts.

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      1. it was the only time in y life i was truly happy and i had this great family and the most amazing grandparents who are no longer around and i miss them a lot

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