Question of the Day – No. 173

What is the last thought you have before you fell asleep?

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  1. Are there any decent, single guys left in the world?


    I’m never going to be able to sleep if I don’t put my phone down and stop scrolling through Twitter.

    I know, it’s not good to be thinking/doing either of those before sleep.

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    1. I’m sure you’ll find your positive answer soon enough for the first question. As for the second thought, yes, the phone needs to be out of sight so the sleem can “come in”.

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  2. I thought we can’t remember it, because our memories are recorded after the event happens, and the memory-recording mechanism doesn’t work well in sleep (partly hence is the poor recollection of dreams). But usually, it’s something weird – like, the thoughts stop making sense, get all illogical and transition into dreams, it’s awesome.

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  3. I usually think of things that happened during the day or during my whole life or a song I heard and struggling not to forget the tune or some other random thing or countries I want to visit or what i have to do for next day. Last night I was so tired that the only thing I thought was ‘oh yeah, my bed, together at last!’

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      1. I see… I’m sure you’ll find the strength to do it. It’s very tough, but so are you, even though it might not look like now.


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