Question of the Day – No. 179

What’s the most helpful thing you’ve done this year for yourself?

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  1. Without sounding like I’m full of self wankery, the most helpful thing I did for myself was actually be honest and open with doctors about my health and mental health. Even though they didn’t actually change anything, it allowed me to be okay with.. owning up to a lot of crap inside.

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      1. I appreciate you being open about it (and beating me to saying it!). We aren’t really trained to deal with emotional health. Owning up to the inner crap is a very brave thing to do.

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  2. For me, it’s learning English and tidying up my room! The former gives me a sense of accomplishment and broaden my horizons. The latter helps me become more efficient and focused. I start to cherish things I possess by making good use of them instead of just keeping them.😃

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  3. Tried doing all the things that I had put in the back burner for the last decade. And being successful for the most part. And falling in love with myself all over again for just Trying!

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  4. Weekendly 🙂

    I think that bicycle is for parks and open spaces, not for traffic roads.

    Just you and Mother Nature, (not saying about bicycle 🙂 ).

    By the by I am listening “Three men on the bummel” by Jerome (not for the first time).
    Good book.

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      1. It took a really long time. Been trying to do that for years, though only this year I realised that in order to accept myself, I need to stop trying to be someone else, stop trying to please people, stop trying to do things that I don’t like, and instead start doing things I like and spend time with people I want to, and all that stuff. Even now, sometimes I do relapse back into one of those masked people I used to be, but mostly I manage to be who I truly am.

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      1. When I figured out that no one else believed in me. It was a rude awakening, but it awoke a fighter in me. What I found out is that courage is not something a person has when they are born. It develops over the years. I’m just starting a little late, but better late than never.
        “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”
        ― Bob Marley

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      1. Love doesn’t necessarily mean we should take in all the crap our loved ones bring. We can accept that opinion, but if we cannot detach ourselves from it and it’s affecting us badly, we need to eliminate the source.

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