|| Question of the Day || 192

Today’s Question is related to the hobbies. Suppose, If you want to make career in your two hobbies, but you have less time and you can’t keep up with both but you love both….

So what would you do?

“Do having too much hobbies create diversions in Mind ?”

Please share your opinion on hobbies…

Will be so thankful to you.. πŸ€—πŸ€—

Thank you.

B. M.

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  1. Yes. They do affect our minds. You try doing one thing and halfway through yiu feel he urge to do something else. I have been facing this for a long time now.

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  2. I have a lot of interests, of which quite a few of them have turned into hobbies. I try to give them all, a share of my time. Some like reading and writing and sewing get a lot of my attention and efforts, while others like drawing and painting and playing the violin get a little less time. I have never felt distracted though. When I am doing one thing I find myself completely immersed in it.

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  3. My hobbies and career are the same thing. It’s all about writing for me…non fiction pays the bills, fiction is my passion, poetry keeps me sane(ish).

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      1. I write for private clients mainly – business literature and other boring things, but it pays the bills. I’d much rather get paid to write fiction πŸ™‚

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      2. There’s no easy answer to that. It took years to be able to earn a decent living as a writer.

        My best advice to anyone is to start with the absolute basics – Khan Academy and Coursera run free courses in writing skills, grammar, etc.

        Then you just build on those skills, create a portfolio and start contacting publications to propose ideas.

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      1. Ohh..
        Sorry to say..
        But It’s weird to know that you didn’t hear any success stories…
        On my side, I have heard a heaps of stories…..Probably thousands of thousands…..
        I have heard from Burno to Einstein….
        They all turned their hobbies into a remarkable career….
        In music world, Martin Garrix….
        Nd It would an empty attempt to list all of them……
        Please be aware a bit more….
        Bless you….

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      1. Places like guitar center, musicians friend, woodwinds and brass winds that sell used pianos. If your interested. They have quite a few thatΒ are in good condition and they’re not as expensive.Β 

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  4. I’ve a hobbies like music and sketching. I play multiple instruments and my notebook is always filled with doodles, which is quite distracting at times. Given an option to pursue a career in music, well why not. But, I’m a hardcore engineer and love my research career as well. There is a difference in what you like and what you want from your life. I think the latter shall derive the career option rather than what you like, be it sports, or say music as in my case.

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    1. If the situation is like this,..then it’s totally up to you. Whatever you choose, It’ll be right…….
      But later, you can keep up with the other one, once you settled down your career…..
      Thanks a lot for telling about your hobbies and sharing your opinions….
      So appreciate your support…❀☺

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  5. Priorities. You have to weigh the two, and focus on long term goals.

    In his famous book β€œThe Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” author Stephen Covey recommends writing up a personal manifesto, or constitution, which expresses your core values.

    You then use this to weigh your goals.

    If a hobby is keeping you from other goals, you have to decide which one to put on the back burner.

    I love playing guitar, but I’ll probably not make a career of it. Writing, however, is something I can monetize. So I still pick up a guitar for fun, but only after my other tasks have been performed for the day.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I consider that one has to be in the front and other, side by side. Right!!?..
      It’s a stable way to keep up with as many hobbies as we want….☺
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
      I appreciate ur support….πŸ™‚β€

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    1. If one has too many hobbies, go you. You obviously have lots of time on your hands. Not necessarily bad unless your hobbies aren’t useful ie. Video games. I have disciplines and hobbies. Not much time for hobbies but if I did too many wouldn’t be bad

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      1. Well, we need to find something that differentiate us because I believe we need to chose one in order to get the best at it. We can be average on two things or we can be expert at one thing.

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  6. As a result of my own ability to continue to work on my own demons and traumatic experiences I have been a great advocate for the best Diversion of a good day I will have a lot of work simply to make it more of a variety of activities. I am in poetry in my room, creative art in the dining room (photo art) in the study I’m looking at children’s writing and I have a sad feeling that I can sing and sing. (Not in key) so I guess I need you to get a few more hot topics on this. Very good point I would like to make sure you know that you have made a difference.

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  7. my two primary hobbies are writing and guitar, and i find that i can usually use one to prime myself for engagement with the other. so it’s often that if i am playing guitar, rhetorical ideas come rushing in, and then after a long period of writing, playing guitar seems to come easier. if i only had time to devote myself to one it would be probably be guitar, since playing lends itself to lyric writing

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    1. It’s a great combination of both. πŸ™Œ
      And It’s really a unique and stable way to keep your primary hobbies. We can keep as many hobbies we want by this way….☺
      Thanks a lot for sharing your hobbies with me…..πŸ€—πŸ€—.
      I really appreciate your support..❀🌷😘…..


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