Question of the Day – No. 195

If you had unlimited energy and funds but only 30 days to live, what would you do?

proposed by stephaniedanielsonauthor

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  1. Darn good question! After a lot of consideration: I still can’t decide… Either climb K2 or paragliding. Both involve my fear of heights, I just realized… So perhaps the better answer is Overcome my Biggest Fears.

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  2. That’s a great question because it makes you think about what you value most. I would surround myself with those I love the most and I would eat and drink whatever I wanted. I’d pay for all of us to be in Tuscany and we’d spend a lot of time among the olive trees and in an open kitchen making pasta and laughing as much as possible. I’d also buy the best pillow I could find.

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      1. I admire the people who want to change the world, but I have learned that the best I can do is work on myself and hope for a ripple effect. I figure my example will make a small difference, eventually leading to positive change.

        Okay, now that I’ve read other replies, I would also make some very large donations and do whatever I have to do to have dinner with Barak and Michelle Obama.

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  3. Unlimited funds and energy hmmm… I buy a castle in Scotland and take all my loved ones there. Then I would buy all the world’s oil/gas/coal plants and shut them down. Then I would invest in clean energy, set up a massive global health and human services foundation. And drink the best scotch.

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  4. I would take one of the many buildings in my city downtown and turn it into a community-based program for low income or homeless families. It would teach them to grow their own foods, teach trades and help find employment and give temp housing, and provide daycare/ preschool.

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      1. To make family happy – be with them no matter what and for others, it depends on who they are – like for elders it is to spend time with them, for kids it is to educate them and gift them toys, for others helping them find jobs or any other help they need and for poor it is usually financial help and food. But above all it is the respect that matters to each one of them.

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  5. Same thing I am doing now…. 🙂

    “Everyday on the path least traveled brings change, that change presents a new challenge, mentally and physically… as to how to accept it and deal with it, determines what I am to become, generates an excitement about living a second of time and looking forward to what the next second of time brings, a day filled with adventure and mystery.” Larry “Dutch” Woller

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      1. Small steps. First ensure that goods have the ‘true cost’ attached. This will raise the standards of living of the poor who produce most of the goods for Western consumption. It will also slow down unnecessary and wasteful consumption in the West and raise minimum wages for the poor in the West as companies still need to sell goods to us. Ensure that trade protectionist policies that benefit rich countries are removed so poorer countries who produce/sell things like minerals, metals, coffee, tea, can start to compete. Ensure all companies pay their taxes and implement labour reform policies. And much more …

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  6. Publish my half written stuff and bribe everyone in the publishing industry just so my book(s) get to all the stores in a week; buy an island, make a contract with the best building company whatever to build a huge villa right in the middle of it (with most eco friendly materials they can find) bribe them so they keep working on it after 30 days are up and bribe everyone to make abusing animals illegal and punished with 99 years in jail,solitary, or community service or something.

    My cat and my family would live in the villa and with the unlimited funds i’d buy as much gold as possible so my family would be taken care of.

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    1. Interesting. So you’d like to isolate yourself and your family whilst making sure they will be able to sustain themselves from now on. And you’d also try to protect animals through some tough laws, right?


  7. Go see Slipknot live.
    Go see the Northern lights.
    Hunt down an old friend and tell him I’m sorry.
    Have one last romance.
    Dress up as a zombie and go to a horror festival.
    Buy loads of goth clothes, dye my hair bright red, get a tattoo.
    Jump out of a plane.
    Watch the new Halloween movie.
    Make pumpkin pie.

    The list goes on 🙂

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  8. I would update my will to make sure my children and grandchildren are taken care of for the rest of their lives. Buy my children the house they each want. Move in with my daughter’s family. Then, fulfill my daughter’s and grandchildren’s Make A Wish plans.

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  9. Probably. With unlimited energy, there is no need for sleep. Apparently, there are foxes around here. Would be nice to follow them around a bit. Maybe climb the big tree down the road and see where the bats are. Something along those lines.

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