Question of the Day – No. 198

What’s your oldest memory?

proposed by Winter1137

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      1. I remember standing in my cot by in the bay window of my parents bedroom and staring out into the night.
        A lot of my childhood memories are… fallible. Flawed. Hazy.


  1. I was a late walker. I was two years old and my mother started getting concerned, she tried her best to encourage me and would buy special lotions, oils, foods, etc.,. All sorts of methods. The oldest memory I have is my mom sitting me – pant-less – on top of a red ant hill. The purpose was for the ants to tickle my legs and eventually I would want to stand up and walk. To which I did!

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  2. Stealing toys during nap time (I was never napping) in kindergarten at the age of 3 or 2. I didn’t take them home, i only played with plushies with my accomplice which name i probably forgot.

    Thank you for posting my question 🐱

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  3. At about a year and a half old, I remember in full detail having a conversation with my grand father. I remember our conversation, the clothes we were wearing and where we were sitting in our lawn chairs looking at the stars.

    I also remember taking a trip with my grandparents and cousin at about the same age. I can remember everything in the cab of the truck, where everyone was sitting, what we were wearing, what we saw, where we pulled over and much more. (Yes there were two children under 4 in a regular cab pickup without car seats or seat belts.) I saw the only triple rainbow I have ever seen.

    Almost all my memories till today are recorded like this for me. People always ask me if I can remember something that happened and I just need to rewind a few tapes in my head to figure it out. I am defiantly someone that will throw off the bell curve. Great Question!

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  4. My very first memory was my 4th birthday. I was crying because my aunt was teasing me. She took my “tiara” (a headband with beads) and wore it on her head. I was so upset I didn’t want to play the party games anymore. I think it’s one of the reasons I never really enjoyed my birthday parties after that. I love my birthdays, I just don’t like big parties anymore. LOL.

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  5. This is a weird one and I hardly credit it myself. I remember crawling upon the floor playing with a bumble ball, feeling its vibrations in my teeth. Then, somehow I understood my parent were planning on going to bed, and I tried to crawl away before they picked me up. I was not yet fast enough.

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  6. My very first memory is of being 2 years old and alone. I didn’t know where my mom was. I just sat on the couch blowing spit bubbles saying, “Ma ma ma ma”.

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  7. My oldest memory would be when I was around 7-8 years old. And was playing with my brother and a neighbor friend of ours when my leg got stuck under the table and I started crying while my brother and the friend went to get help as our parents were next door as there was a get together going on in the neighbour’s house.

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      1. I asked her that when I was in my 20’s and she said she thought I was spending too much time with it. Sort of like kids and electronic devices today.

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  8. I would be more than happy to share with you but unfortunately I put my diary in a safe place so nothing would happen to it and I forgot where I put it…. 🙂

    “Oh, the yesterdays are over my shoulder
    So I can’t look back for too long
    There’s just too much to see, waiting in front of me
    And I know that I just can’t go wrong”
    (Jimmy Buffet)

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  9. God my oldest memory …. this is going back some forty years! I was at Wilson’s Prom with my family and have no idea how old I actually was – probably four or five at most. I went into the surf up to my waist and the waves kept knocking me over. I remember clearly seeing the sand under the water and the waves crashing over me. Every time I tried to stand up another wave would knock me down. Then my dad grabbed me and pulled me in before I lost consciousness. I wrote about the experience later in a story which was published in my uni’s literary journal. Even won an award! So it was well worth almost drowning!

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      1. I’m introvert so I never wanted to be with some one who does not understand me or someone who’s understanding is different than me so I used to prefer spend alot of time alone…

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