Question of the Day – No. 202

What is the best nightmare you’ve ever had?

proposed by Dr. Agonson

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  1. Once I had a strange dream about a Latin girl and her family that owned a store, but in the back of the store served as a “botanica”. The family was persecuted by the locals who burned it down; I felt the heat of the fire, the pain of the girl because I was the girl in the dream. Blew my mind!

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  2. Aww I have missed getting involved with these questions! My best nightmare would probably be the reoccurring nightmare I have that a tidal wave is about to sweep over me but last minute I realise I am dreaming and can morph the water around me to stop it engulfing me. It’s terrifying but kind of cool haha!

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  3. It was during the Second World War, when I was hiding behind a car and anyway an SS man found me, and shot me. I died then. That was the best nightmare I ever had. At least now, after a few years of therapy, I am able to interpret it correctly 🙂

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      1. The SS man was a symbol of one of my demons, and by that time I wasn’t able to fight it, but I surrendered to it – allowed it to kill me. A few years later I had another amazing dream. There was a devil that came uninvited to my flat. I immediately started fighting him, even though he was big and scary, and finally kicked him away from my home 🙂 This time I was able to recognise and fight my demon.

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  4. Zombies are my biggest fear. So those dreams are always like a movie. The “best” one went something like this:

    Early morning I’m camped out with other survivors in a house. We have most the windows covered with wooden planks. We can hear them coming. They scream with a mix of moans as they get closer. They aren’t vicious until they see you. They surround the house. We couldn’t wait anymore. We rush the zombies almost everyone dies. I barely make it out and run down the road. The dream would repeat over and over until I woke up.

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  5. The best nightmare I had was after my ex-husband’s mother told me that I can change my dreams about my her son trying to hurt me by fighting back. She said that I could control my dream any way I wanted. She said that I could even conjure up a sword if I wanted to. So, that’s what I did the very next time I had that dream and I won.

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    1. Carine, I had a similar experience. In my dream I was chased by a man who wanted to kill me. For many nights in a row he did, every time the same, by stabbing me with a knife in my plexus, after he had caught me in a slaughterhouse.

      At some point I became lucid, I realized it was just a dream and I taught myself to wake up from the dream by doing big movements with my hands, like I was flying. The movement I was making in the dream had a countermovement in real life. And then I would wake up.

      After learning this, I kept on having the same dream, and being lucid, I said to myself: I need to stop being afraid of that man and being afraid of dying…again.

      So, for many nights I had tried to do things differently, instead of taking a tram, I would take the metro, instead of entering a building, I would go in the opposite direction, or I would climb some stairs instead of going into a park. I did this for many nights, but with no use. Every time, I would see myself in the slaughterhouse getting stabbed.

      Actually, many years after that experience, the dream had become true in a metaphorical sense: I got emotionally killed by my ex-husband. It had been about the karma I could not escape from.

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  6. There is one dream about the Apocalypse – had it like 15 years ago, for 2-3 times a week for 3-4 months. All night I was the savior for many people which I didn’t know. They were everywhere, and I was the one to help them escape alive from earthquakes, storms, scary creatures, big waters or crazy fire. Obviously I had powers, like flying and being fireproof, sometimes I had a sword… The only problem after having that Apocalypse dream was with the next-day physical and emotional exhaustion in real life.

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      1. Bogdan, you know, saving people takes a lot of effort, especially when you are saving people who don’t want to be saved. :-))

        So, just to answer your question, that dream always had made me feel drained the next morning.

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