Be The Guest We Need

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   I want to thank all of you for being here and for sharing your valuable insights with this community and with myself. I’m more than honored and grateful for this chance of reading and responding to your comments daily. It’s one of the best parts each of my day has.

   I believe you deserve a better life and since this is very strongly related to our mindset, each piece of food for thought can contribute to reaching that better life. I want to provide as much thoughtful content as possible and since so many of you have great content, I would be honored if you could share more of your insights with this community.

   Considering the above, I want to invite as many of you as you want to be guest writers for Pointless Overthinking. You can send your posts in Microsoft Word format to I will review them and post them on the website. Of course I’ll give you full credit for it, so feel free to say anything you want about yourself.

   You can write about anything you want related to psychology, mindset, positive thinking, motivation or any other related topics and since your insights are the ones that matter, it would be awesome if you can be original.

   You have awesome insights so I’m looking forward to see as many of them as possible!

*Edit: You requested a range of words so I’m thinking about somewhere between 300 and 1500 words per post!

73 thoughts on “Be The Guest We Need

      1. Everything matters at one point or another. It’s took me a 22 years of thinking and conversation after conversation with ole boy upstairs to bring here to you people today. I believe that whole heartedley. Ramon Colon, hi there, my name is William or Bill whatever you need call me. It’s a pleasure to see and make I bit of conversation to you. Acknowledging every one here today. But I am supposed to be here.

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    1. Never garbage Kalliope. Everything has porpose in it’s evolution on how we live, our next thought in trianing, a rendering to the process to find solution. A matter to be thought about and discussed to bring a community of readers and writers and achiever’s in such. Thanks, but I don’t know you, but I don’t think anything you have to say could possibly be garbage.

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  1. I’ve loved the idea of your blog. I have sent an email to the provided email address. I would also like to know the type of articles you accept. I have sent a few sample posts for you to consider but still haven’t heard from you.

    And by the way, I loved the idea of bringing people together and creating a beautiful environment!

    Keep up the good work! And see if I can help contribute to this cause!

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    1. Well I appreciate you being here and making an envirorment a beautiful or a great thing for me. Me being here this long, I’ve been set at ease. I come here or did come in the past maybe once, twice a year. Never had reason not to come. Was just a bit messed up, and seen phsyciatric , phsycologist, couldn’t help see a radiologist for deeping porpose. And spent countless times with nature trying to make sense of all that is inside this mind and heart and the tribulation of trial in a horrific matter of things past long ago.

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  2. I love the title you’ve chosen for your blog and strive to produce positive content to share with my readers also. You have a unique approach here and perhaps your invitation to share your own space with others will inspire YOU as well.

    I’m going to follow and see how it unfolds.

    Kind regards….John H.

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  3. Morning! I love what you are doing here, and I would really like to be a part of it! I’m working on some new content this morning, and I would like to forward it to you in an email later on when it is ready. You found my blog through the post I added yesterday, would you be interested in adding that piece to your Guest Posts? Let’s talk more about working together, I would love to be part of your team!

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  4. Hum? This is interesting? I just might take you up on this if it still holds true. This is an old post of yours. I have a lot of material that I could redress, or even come up with something new. You read my blog obviously. What would be interesting to you? For your readers?

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    1. Yes, it’s still up! I would love to bring more thought-provoking content. So any piece of material that can help people improve their lives is welcomed (like your article We All Have Moments of Forgetfulness, But……..). 🙂


  5. I have sent you an email regarding my content . Would you mail me back if you like it? How would I know that you are allowing my post?
    By the way, your work is awesome. I just love your content. We share exactly the same interest of writing about life, psychology, behavior.

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  6. What you are doing here sounds good so i’ll make sure to offer my views from time to time. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for following my blog. Your support is deeply appreciated.

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  7. Thanks for following me I can write something for your site if you wish? or you can reblog something ive allready done.The content is a bit negative towards psychiatry and the system, but I could try a positive story or message.
    I can’t do that link. I’m on VR goggles and its a bit difficult.


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  8. I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy this Blog and I hope to make a few friends along the way. I did send a short Email in hopes that I can learn more about you and let you know me a little better as well. If things go well I’d like to discuss a few posts I’ve had in mind.

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