Successful People – Bob Proctor

   “Bob Proctor is an American Author, Motivational speaker, and success coach who travels the world preaching how people can utilize the Law of Attraction to their own benefit. Proctor has written numerous books and has been featured in The Secret.” – Everipedia

   He is one of the people that mostly talk about how important our mindset is and what we can do to change it. When I look at him, I see myself over the years if I go all in in this. Actually, I don’t think there is another way. It’s all about the mindset. That’s where it all starts. We can have anything we want on the outside, but if the inner universe rejects the outside one, it’s an useless struggle.

   What I love about Mr. Proctor is that even though he is a huge believer of The Law of Attraction, he also talks about moving our asses to do the things we want to do. He doesn’t talk about sitting around and thinking about everything all day, even though that’s the first step. He provokes us to go do things because that’s where the future is. The mind is the starter while the action is the provider.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Bob Proctor applies in his life.

   I love his insights about growing ourselves and about surrounding ourselves with greatness because that’s how we can become greater than we already are. Which rule from the Top 10 is your favorite and why?

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  1. GOD! That man is GOOD! As I was watching this something uncanny happened! He was talking about the 2nd rule. I was totally into his talk by then and I was thinking about my BIG impossible sounding goal right then!Climbing Everest. And BOOM! He actually mentioned Ed Hillary and Everest! I had goose bumps! Was he talking to me??!!
    In response to your questions I personally love his first and last rule. To get started and believing. I need to work on my self image too. Thank you so much for that video.

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  2. Hmmmmmmm…well, what may work for someone else may not work for me nor am I on a quest for greatness… therefore, I don’t follow anyone else’s rules/ideologies nor do I make New Years resolutions… 🙂 ….. I am what I am, in a constant state of evolution and follow my own dreams… 🙂

    “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Shannon L. Alder

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      1. And that is what we;re doing on the path least traveled… 🙂

        “As Frost said,
        I have an option of two paths ahead of me,
        One pre decided by my ancestors,
        less risky and challenging,
        Other of my own,
        I decide to take the less traveled one,
        To mark on journey of my own.”
        (Illahi Bedi)

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  3. Surround yourself with greatness. I liked what he said about looking at the 5 people who you have around you most of the time and ask yourself if you’d like your children to tum out like them.

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