Question of the Day – No. 225

How can you make the world a better place?

Proposed by – Ramon Colon

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  1. Identify and address aspects of yourself that cause you emotional pain. Work through them to improve your life and limit transferring your suffering to others. Heal yourself to be better prepared to understand the pain in others.

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      1. That’s the more difficult question. We need to reflect on our own actions and motivations in life and we need to learn from our mistakes as well as from other people. We need to listen to what they tell us about themselves and then act accordingly. Understanding and patience are key, both with ourselves and others.

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  2. By making the decision to not be one of the many negative voices. Yes, we all have the ability to say what we think and to shout our opinions louder than the other guy. But do we really need to? Focus on being positive.

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    1. Very interesting! If we learn about other cultures, we can get some insights about that background and we might have a better understanding of where that person is coming from. I find it very sad that people from the same culture fail to understand each other…

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