28 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 226

  1. Sometimes it’s best to keep secret what you really think about another person. At least if it’s negative. If you tell the other person this may hurt their feelings or cause conflict. If you like someone then it’s probably best to tell them but I guess it depends on the circumstances whether it would be appropriate.

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    1. Would you say that complete honesty is hurtful if it’s something negative, right? It’s tricky because sometimes we think it’s positive, but that other person takes it the wrong way…


  2. I used to do suicide prevention talks in schools, and I would always tell them that one secret they should never keep is a friend being suicidal. Better an angry friend than a dead one. When there’s not a serious risk of harm, though, other peoples’ secrets are not ours to share.

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    1. What I’m trying to ask is if secrets are worth keeping? If so, what secrets do we need to keep? I think that secrets can affect our mental health so I’m trying to see if some of them are more harmful than others for us.

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  3. “There’s no such thing as a secret. If you told even one person, it is no longer a secret, and that’s a fact. So, let them all out. By doing that, you thwart the bully”. – From “Be the Loudest, Quietest Person You Can Be” artfromperry


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