Question of the Day – No. 227

What is the most thought-provoking movie you ever seen?

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  1. Fight Club. Brilliantly written and executed screenplay with a lot of thought-provoking scenes and lines that make you realize how ridiculous our materialistic society is. So many quotable lines from that movie that have stuck with me to this day, even though I haven’t seen that movie in a really long time.

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      1. As a single film maybe not, but it’s not just one film. It’s a series of adaptations of the same source material a case study in telling the same story differently. So many versions and with how whimsical the base is you can say anything with it.

        ECHO ECHO

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  2. In general I prefer documentary films because they’re often quite thought-provoking. One I saw lately that hit me pretty hard was God Knows Where I Am, about a woman with Bipolar Disorder who was discharged from hospital because she was refusing treatment, and she ended up starving to death alone in the middle of winter.

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      1. Well, you said “thought provoking”, not entertaining and West Side Story is a reflecting of society… if I were to want to watch a relaxing, entertaining movie it would have to be Ice Age so I can follow the adventures of my hero, Scratte… 🙂

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  3. Mindscape … it really made me overthink about how people can get used if they try to help others. The main character helps a girl and she uses his helper heart and brings him to jail, by making him guilty for her own crimes. It made me questionare the perspective of helpers….

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      1. I have just looked it up on google and I reading the synopsis and character names… I can’t bring myself to watch it. Not now, not yet anyway. It mirrors too much of my personal life and shit that watching it does nothing but bring me more pain.
        My advice for you is to 100% question the heart of every person you encounter and cross reference against your own heart and it’s truth. Because… not everyone is who they seem to be, but there are those that are exactly as they seem. It is up to you to learn to distinguish the difference.

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      2. I am totally with you. I usually don’t like movies 🎥 with sociopaths because later on I overthink to much. I loved the idea of reading others peoples brain, because some people can read other people’s heart and feel the essence of other souls. We can protect ourselves but not close the eyes because there are so many ill people running around which are totally out of control. But if children are soziopaths then it is really shocking how they think and act

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      3. I love movies about psychos and sociopaths, usually. Because they were interesting, they felt relatable… However this year there has been a distinctive shift in shit. And… I realise I am a fucking sociopath. And I hurt a lot of people just.. doing whatever. I live out my fantasies through characters on screen or whatever. I don’t ever actually want to hurt people. But that always happens anyway. I’m not one to normally plug myself to other people online as I feel uncomfortable with such blatant self promotion, but yeah. Today’s blog post hits the nail on the head with this stuff right now.

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      1. The film and the title are all just stuff to completely fuck with your brain. I LOVE that film as a piece to completely tear apart in analysis and layered meaning. However it is a terrible movie of your brain isn’t up for the challenge (it’s not a fun relaxing movie, it’s a fun omg this is the worst but I love a fucking challenge kind of movie)

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  4. God this is a hard question! There’s been a few, and for different reasons but I guess the ones that really get me thinking or get me angry and passionate about a subject are biopics and true stories like The Normal Heart, about the fight for funding for AIDS research in the 80’s, or Bowling for Columbine. I got really angry about the NRA’s position on gun control for ages after seeing that.

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  5. When the matter regards wisdom and “how did you get that idea”, then yeah, I think that would be my number one. But if it regards the matter of “how did you plot that scheme”, it’s definitely going to be Sarah J. Maas’ book TOG and Leigh Bardugo’s book six of crows. I guess I’m more of a bookworm 😅

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  6. Stalker / Călăuza – Andrei Tarkovsky
    For me this movie is pure perfection – artistically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I only watched it once (a year ago), and while I was watching it, I felt as time has stopped.

    For me, “thought-provoking” means that the movie has the power:
    – to touch me at my deepest emotional levels
    – to challenge my beliefs about the meaning and purpose of human fragility and vulnerability
    – to reconnect me to the Divine strength, truth, wisdom and love.

    So, again, Stalker is not just a movie, is THE MOVIE.

    Even I know now how the perfect movie looks like 😀 , I still enjoy movies like: Ostrov, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest , La vita e bella, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Barber of Siberia, La belle verte, Le train de vie.

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