Question of the Day – No. 228

Since Christmas is close, what’s the best gift you can make?

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  1. For a person who has been blue, a small jar with 365 bits of paper on which I have written the great things about them, happy memories and why I love them. They can then have one message a day for the year to keep building their self-esteem and reminding them why they are great 🙂 It’s a cheap gift, easy to make and is unique to the person. So yay!

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    1. That’s a beautiful, thoughtful, personalised gift 😊 My friend organised something similar for my 30th. She got all my friends to write me notes and gave them to me on little scrolls in a jar. I was so touched and admiring of the thought and effort. I still haven’t read them all though, because I’d felt so self-indulgent!

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  2. My primary gift is what I always try to give: my listening, my interest in what’s important to the people I care about, my acceptance of their imperfections, my genuine feelings of warmth and love that translate to cuddles, smiles and appreciation of people.

    My secondary gift this year will be letters to the people I care about letting them know what I appreciate about who they are.

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  3. Time – I’m fortunate enough to have almost a month off to spend with my family. If we’re talking material goods: definitely something handmade. I’m a knitter … there are a lot of scarves and shawls and hats in the works.

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