Fighting the Inside Dragons – Book Launch

A4   We try to make some sense out of this weird brutal world. The problem is that the sense we’re making has the power f*ck us up inside and that’s what really matters. WE are the ones seeing the world so WE are the ones deciding how it is and we can only do it for us. The life we’re living has an unique sense because we’re the ones living it. Two different people can see the same life differently; therefore, what’s inside our head makes the difference.

   I believe that people need to be more aware of how important the inside universe really is so I wrote a book to bring some awareness in this area along with some tools that can help us re-gain the control over our thought process and over our emotions.

   How satisfied are you with your life? If you believe there is room for improvement, try my book and let me know if it helped you! I would love to see your thoughts about it so if you commit to writing a review about my book, send me an email at and I will send it to you in PDF format.

   If you want it for yourself or you want to recommend it to one of your friends, you can find it on (and other marketplaces as well) in both Kindle and Paperback formats (clicking the formats will get you there).

   Since it’s my first self-published book, please expect mistakes, but your feedback will help me get better! I’m looking forward to continue with this adventure with you!

Thank you for all your support and best regards,

Bogdan (DM)

104 thoughts on “Fighting the Inside Dragons – Book Launch

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      1. Hi Bogdan,

        I would love to read your book and write a review about it. I’ll send you an email. The funny part is that I also self-published my first book in Dec 2018. 🤭

        The topic you’re presenting here is clearly right down my alley, so I can’t wait to give it a thorough read.


        🖋️ 💙

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  1. Your passion to help and motivate people is front and center in this book. You present sobering information while being humorous and honest about your own journey. This subject obviously means a lot to you as does your desire to help the reader become the best possible version of themselves so they have no regrets. Good job on writing with heart and enthusiasm!

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  2. Eventhough I did not read your book, I know it’s going to be good ☺ I love that topic and your way of expressing your thoughts. Congratulations on publishing! It is a dream of my own. I will be reading your book sometime soon, I hope at least, and truthfully, I am excited. 😊

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  3. Congratulations on getting it published! The cover art is great, and the page formatting looks very professional. I like your philosophical approach. Are you saying that the “dragon” is not the problem itself, but our response to the problem? So, for instance, being broke isn’t a dragon, it’s our stress at the thought of being broke that’s the dragon. It’s a difficult concept for me, so forgive me if I’ve misunderstood.
    Anyway, great job!

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  4. I left a review for your book! I hope this helps. While my work is not anything like yours, if you have the time, please leave a review on one of mine. I will also be reblogging this here. Good luck with your book and I hope it does well! Here is my link. If you don’t want me to put this here, feel free to remove the comment or at least redact the link. Congratulations and thanks in advance!

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  5. Thank you for reading my blog. I think your book is truly inline with the topic of Elevator Counseling. We can be in such a dark place only to sit next to the light and sunshine that we desperately seek. I would be honored to read and review your book.

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