Question of the Day – No. 231

What is the biggest challenge you face right now?

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  1. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Face Right Now ?

    I can’t stand up or move without the world spinning, I’ve come down with chronic vertigo and dizziness due to an MS attack. I know this will be a lot different from what most of your readers face but I’m mentioning it because I want to tell people to get out there and LIVE while you can. I’ve been a pro Musician, vocalist and artist since I was 14. My full career started at 16 and I gave my music and enjoying life my all. I’m so incredibly glad that I concentrated so much life into every day because, when MS struck in ’89, everything ground to a halt. I used to sail on the tall ships, I used to tour on both sides of the pond. Now I can’t even get out of the house, sometimes not even out of bed.

    My message is – Don’t Wait… postpone or put aside your dreams or what you really want to do in this life. No matter what your challenge is right now Get out there and LIVE because you never know when a life changing event will turn your world upside down. Get out there and move, run and soar for those of us who have to stand still.



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    1. I’m so sorry that you have the difficulties your facing! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your wisdom! I hope people realize that life is unpredictable and that we need to live every minute of it while we can. All we have is the present.

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  2. as my home is where others meet me, another is where i meet them. in matters of the heart, challenge is loving in stillness [qi] while maintaining presence in an open house [humility].

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      1. Disheartening for sure, to observe presence take
        distant second to ego. When such becomes reality to birth challenge, do you find desire to alter perceived reality, take action in the face of challenge or something else altogether?

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      2. I try to understand the reason behind that action because I know the action itself says nothing. If it’s my perceived reality, I try to challenge it. If it’s others, it depends of my relationship with that person. I usually stay in the understanding area because it’s much more important for me since any action requires personalized approach.

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      3. in all cases, my wish is that your understanding and perceptions find absence in the challenge itself, and that any action that may be taken serve to expand the love within you, because I believe love itself is our natural state of being and accordingly always correct and effortless. How some version truth is a lie, as it has no versioning; so it’s the packaging and delivery of another’s perception of love that trips us up sometimes. imo 🙂

        love the qod format btw. thank you.

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      4. Thank you for your kind words! True, love itself might be our natural state, but it is oriented towards something. In the cases I’m talking about, that love is not oriented towards that other person.

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      5. Thank you for clarifying. Discernment in intention is mandatory in protecting ones heart; yet it seems that if love seeks orientation, it is a love of disoriented duality, a place where freedom loses shape, but this is what you likely are referring to… and, well, there continues my overthinking… 🙂

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