Question of the Day – No. 238

What are the differences between you and your ideal self?


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  1. The difference between me and my ideal self, is one factor. 2018 has been a Great Year and I am solid on my path, it took me a lot longer to get here than I wanted too but I understand why that time was needed. My ideal and self and me are pretty much aligned and I am grateful, that one factor is working itself out and by 2019, I am trusting we both will be aligned.

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      1. If had to pinpoint a start date it would be 3 years ago, I do the work on the alignment daily. Every step I push towards focus, passion, and purpose creates towards the alignment. As mentioned time was needed to realize the ideal me and me are only one factor away, and that’s because I spent the majority of my time holding on to what I thought I should be doing instead of living what I am created to do. And as I mentioned in a previous writing Chase and Worry became a past of my life for two decades.

        I had so many dreams, and ideas given to me when I was youth. Most of my graduating class signed in my yearbook somethings they saw I should do in my Future that aligned β€œmore” with my path. The β€œroad” I decided to take was the one my family choose, and that was not my path. Were all my choices created by a family decision , NO, but going in that direction I searched for along time aiming to fill a void that only lead to some not so smart choices, Was everything that happened from those choices bad, No, but somethings, yes, I would do over again. Walk in more confidence, courage, self-esteem, these are the factors that hinder ideal self.

        Once I accepted and embraced my path in a short period of time things began to change. So now I know, ideal me and me will soon align and by 2019, as long as I stay in this direction things will only get better. And that perfection I have aimed for, for so long was there all along just needed the mind, heart, and Character to not only see it, but live it to the best of my ability each day granted.

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      2. My screen is not showing a reply button to your last question so I hope this comment follows.

        I would like to say pain is a cocoon to shape a better version of ourselves when we aim to find Truth, Love, and Healing. If we go inside that cocoon to seek answers and healing I believe we come out better, as I have many analogies comparing our trails to that of a butterfly.

        But if we go inside with bitterness and resentment the pain only creates hurt as I witness many who are miserable and only aim to hurt others but let them tell it everything is fine.

        I’ve read many articles and books that basically stating when you hit rock bottom the only way is up. But I also know lyrics to a song β€œI see you down when are you going to get up?” I am grateful to say my pain caused me to go up. Confidence, Courage, Prayer and Focus helps me to stay up and continue to raise higher. Along with my lovely 3 children who keep me encouraged and on my toes.

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      1. That’s incredibly loaded because everything is so inter-tangled together that to isolate and identify any particular thing (for even hypothetical examination) basically causes grief elsewhere. So maybe what I need is someone who is patient enough to help my dredge through my own mental sewerage. lol

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  2. there are none; perceived ideals are often revealed when self accepts the role of mid-wife. it’s the birth of ‘true’ self that hangs in the perceived void of ‘difference’.

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  3. My ideal is coming. To once again be confident in all I do. Success in love,career and health. Most of all learn from all previous relationships the tells of cheating.

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    1. After the lesson you’ve learned, it will be hard to get there, at least, at first. But I’m sure you can get there because you’ve been there at one point in your life πŸ™‚


      1. I wish you the best of luck with being good enough for you, but have you considered segmenting it categorically, like maybe you’re not up to standards in one regards but maybe you’re punctual enough for your standards?

        ECHO ECHO

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      1. I must remember myself all the time to breathe and to let go. Especially when I am right with something, especially when I have truth on my side. The only truth that counts is the truth in our hearts, not the one in our minds.

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