Fast Mental Health Tip To Get “Un-Stuck”

Feeling Overwhelmed? Use this Quick Tip To Get Yourself Unstuck

 Confession: I have had a real rough time over the last couple weeks. I have felt completely overwhelmed and stuck as far as writing, working and mom-ing go, which is why I haven’t posted anything. I know, this can be a busy time of year and there is a lot to plan for. But the truth is, I have not done a damn thing. There has been no writing, as you already know, dear friends. But, there also has been no forward motion at all. I don’t have a single thing done for Christmas, no tree yet, no presents bought or wrapped… I haven’t even written a Christmas shopping list.

 I know what you’re thinking….

What are you doing lady! Get moving, already!

  Yes, I have been absolutely stuck. Mentally motionless. And it really, really sucks. I know everything I should be doing, but my problem is that I just couldn’t bring myself to start.

Which leads me to my quick mental health and forward motion tip for you all.

“How do you eat an Elephant?

You do it one bite at a time.”

  This quote came to me yesterday from a very wise man… ok, it was my husband Steve, but it still clicked for me. I have ADHD, and for anyone who struggles with this as an adult, you probably know what I am going to say next. I have a very difficult time staying motivated or on task with anything that I need to do, even things I enjoy. The “H” in my version of ADHD I consider to be “Hyperfocus,” which means I also can become so zoned in on something that I lose track of time, waste hours on something that isn’t important and I am chronically late. 

  I became so overwhelmed because I was looking at the big picture of EVERYTHING that I wanted to do. Not only was it a to-do list, it was a list of things that in my mind I wanted to finish perfectly and immediately. Impossible, of course. Unless it is Allie’s irrational brain doing the planning. I was so stuck that instead of starting one thing, I stopped everything. I was literally mentally frozen; I couldn’t even start to think about blogging without feeling my anxiety go up. 

 Steve’s quote actually unlocked that feeling. I know it sounds really corny, but it was kind of an “A-ha!” moment. I was able to see that I was focusing too much on everything, and not enough on just one thing. Now, I know this is not a new thing, but I believe that if you’re reading this, then you have the same light bulb turning on over your head that I did. It was a good reminder. Sometimes the solution really is the most obvious answer.

  When you feel that you are getting bogged down, mentally stuck and motionless, stop looking at the big picture. Find one thing, even it is is as small as emptying the dishwasher, and do it.  Dig in, get your hands dirty. And yes, congratulate and praise yourself for taking a step towards moving forward again.

  Now, I have read on a lot of blogs and articles that when you write content, you should make it personal without making it too personal. No one really wants to read my diary, I get that. But, I couldn’t share this mental health tip with you without telling you my own experience. I couldn’t advise you how to become un-stuck if I was still stuck. My hope for this quick confessional is that what I shared will open up a conversation with everyone. Please comment below and share your thoughts or experiences, I love to hear from you!


34 thoughts on “Fast Mental Health Tip To Get “Un-Stuck”

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      1. I read your reply here and had to take a few minutes before I replied. There are several ways I could go with this.. I actually work in Emergency Mental Health doing suicide assessments in my full time job, so of course I want to first say if you’re really feeling at risk please call someone or seek support and stay safe.
        But what I actually think you are saying is that you see where you made mistakes and what the consequences are. And seeing that with no blinders really sucks. It just sucks. And it makes you want to crawl in a hole and die. I get that. I’ve been there too. There are things I’ve done too that I know had a negative impact on my children. I can never change that it happened, but I can make sure I learn from my mistakes and shape the future in a better way because of it.
        Look, I know nothing I say here will make you feel better or change things for you. Only you can do that. But please, just remember that the biggest mistake you can make is giving up on you and them. Keep trying, keep moving and when you know better, you will do better.

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      2. Symbolic suicide is my pedigree. I have to fix my shit before I die. And my physical death won’t be because I’ve literally taken it away. . It will be an accident or because of poor maintenance of my health.
        For everything I destroy in my life… for all the hurt and damage I’ve caused… I just.. I hope I have done enough that the memory or visage it evokes will be a truthful resemblance to my reality.

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  1. at my very most stuck I have relied on other people to tell me what to do. & sometimes it’s been as simple as them helping me write the list. Glad your husband is helpful 🙂
    Thanks for the tip

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  2. Great advice. I do the same thing then I get mad that nothing is happening for me then I feel guilty because I realize nothing is happening cuz I’m not doing anything lol.
    What helps me with my blog is when I have writers block I write something different, like a poem or something outside of parenting. Works every time for me. It’s just the other 6 days of the week I stare at the walls now!

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      1. I like the touch of personal sharing it makes you one of “us” readers and it also shows (in volumes) that you did not just read something online and rewrite it to sound like you have all the answers. Sharing is a personal matter. I read blogs on a sliding scale of how much they share personally. Each is unique. As long as you are ok with it– that is what matters most. Out of the billions on earth…there are probably millions of people just like your authentic self.
        Thank you for the post and tip!

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  3. So for me, at the times when I’ve felt down, my faith has been a big help. I truly found God when I was at my lowest with many health issues. Through His Holy Spirit I’ve felt much encouragement and a refreshing of my own spirit. Do things still go wrong….yes, of course, but when I fall He (God) is right there ready to pick me up, and put me on the right track again. How is this possible…. by believe. God has truly weaned me away from my negative thinking and showed me a more positive pathway.

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  4. I agree with you there and also with God’s help anything can be achieved.
    For me Mental Health is all about ‘the way of expression’ if you can express properly then Son, you’re on the right track. Being expressive does not always mean to be an extrovert but what I mean by ‘expressive’ is speaking what you feel.
    So, in 2019 if you want to stabilise and then improve your Mental Health then you need to keep a proper check on your emotions. Now, I’ll be mentioning 6 emotions to take care of in 2019 to improve your Mental Health and also how to improve your mental health.
    Power of Acceptance
    Understanding EGO!
    Sense of Belonging.
    Take a read as its important for all of us to understand these emotions to improve our Mental Health and also feel free to share it.
    Follow this:
    Have a great day!

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  5. I know exactly what you mean, though I get stuck because my depression and anxiety feed off each other (I was nearly in the same boat as far as Christmas prep). I annoy my family with my endless supply of lists, but they really are my best coping strategy. Being able to cross something off and knowing the next step is written down for me is so helpful. I just have to remember where the list I need is. Haha. Sometimes you do just have to take it one step at a time. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  6. Interesting. Love this – would love to know what you thought about my alternative lens on mental health – through the eyes of a daughter of a complex mum with a mix of hilarious and heartbreaking mental health issues. My blog is soniasmum

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