Question of the Day – No. 240

What would you like to see more on Pointless Overthinking?


32 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 240

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  1. could be pointless hybrid, but may be interesting to know, of readers that participate, the sub-types of endeavored over-thinking & how that might transmit into hub[spots] of archetypal outputs.

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  2. I’m wondering what and how often you are surprised by comments or maybe what questions generate the most response? I wonder if responses change your thoughts on a subjects you pose? Sometimes I like a little more context to the questions. I’ve sat and read some, over and over and thought about different interpretations of what you’re asking. Sometimes it makes me hesitant to reply. Then again there is something to be said in leaving them open to different interpretations, it may attract more involvement. Why not take what you think might be a special comment of the week or month from the questions you pose to be shared again.

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    1. That is a very interesting suggestion! Yes, I’m often surprised about the answers, especially when the questions are interesting. I’m not giving context because I want to trigger that thought process which might lead to surprising results for my readers. My goal is to trigger different thoughts and perspectives for the readers. The fact that you guys often write them here is a bonus for me!


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