Question of the Day – No. 241

What limits do you need to set to yourself in order to improve your life?


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  1. source is by nature unlimited, therefore establishing limits inhibits self-discovery; inhibiting self-discovery obviates development of excellence, if excellence be the aim / if such is the case, life improves by way of natures course.

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    1. I wouldn’t say that establishing limits inhibits self-discovery when the areas in which the limits are required are harmful for the self. Sure, this thing itself tells something about the self, but wouldn’t be better for the self to limit the harmful behavior and concentrate more on a helpful one?

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      1. It makes sense to view it from that perspective; it’s just that I don’t view things as good/bad; harmful/beneficial (for myself) without context. For example, I work with a nurse that works with a research doctor and for the most part, they test new drugs on pigs and then kill them after the study. During these times she can’t work with me due to her emotional state. As an outsider, it might appear her chosen vocation is harmful to her health and psyche, and surely she at times feels the same, at least this is what she has expressed to me. Point is, she believes or hopes the research will lead to advancement to assist the greater than herself. While her purpose for participation could very well be self-serving, she has still chosen to suffer for the greater than herself by not placing a limit on harm to herself. Sometimes the helpful behavior is perceived as the harmful. Suffering cannot be escaped, perhaps save the course of the Buddhist. It is not my life I am here to exalt and this may be why I don’t perceive limits; it is the behavior that serves best or loves best that is the focus. Often, very often, this will be perceived by others as harmful.

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      2. True – I keep my fingers crossed hoping I’m made of steel while keeping a 3rd eye out for random fires – I’ll keep going until I melt. Maybe I’m a witch and should be more concerned about water :/ Thanks for the thinking questions 🙂

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    1. If you feel you need to stop pleasing everyone, maybe you need to accept this is who you are. Take a different perspective of this and just accept the things you do for others is who you are and be happy with the people that appreciate who you are. I am a people-pleaser also, but I am trying to get the mindset to focus on the people who benefit from my help and the people’s lives I can have an impact on. If you can just help one person each day, then you are doing well. Don’t beat yourself up.

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      1. I think the best way is to explain why, and then say no, then walk away. If what they’re making you do is hurting you, you have to say no.

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      1. I don’t tell the right thing in right place, and then I realized that I should have tell the right thing in right place…And many people misunderstood me for my talking sense, but I didn’t mean it…🙂🙂😉😊

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      1. If one person is gossiping about me, sometimes I feel as if everyone is doing the same thing when I know it’s just that one person.

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    1. Do it if you think it would help. Even though it doesn’t seems so, there is some freedom in a strict schedule because it switches the decision of doing things from to to the schedule. When the alarm goes off for a certain thing, you just need to respect that alarm’s “decision”. Does that make sense?

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      1. Absolutely! If I don’t have that kind of “routine”, I tend to procrastinate and I don’t stay busy, which gives me time to overthink things which gives me anxiety. Haha, an endless cycle

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