Question of the Day – No. 246

What is the difference between the life you have right now and your ideal life?


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  1. I’m now in a wheelchair due to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. I envisaged exploring the world – and achieved a lot of that – but now find myself housebound. I’m British and dreamt of living in Canada skiing. I now live in the US.

    But I wouldn’t want to change anything. Except I would welcome a cure for MS.

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      1. Yeah! Because I like to live a simple life…😍😍😍 Spend time with my own, feeling beautiful nature, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Writing,. Stay happy, Feeling love everything connected to my heart…😍These thing are included in my simple life…😍😁😊😉🤩😍

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      1. self, i prefer to doubt what is ‘known’ to leave room for the ‘un’. maybe ‘knowing everything’ would have been a better answer. both unrealistic and neither intended. maybe silence would have been the best answer 🙂

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      1. I am still working on this and will do so until I die because there is no end to it. But I am slowly ‘naming’ what I feel in situations or just in moments so I can get to know them. Once I have a pattern, I try to understand the reasons. But crucially, I try not to react to my emotions. If I am feeling miserable, so be it. It goes away on its own later if I dont react to it or try to change it.

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      1. Yes and no… the life I have has afforded me two amazing children and has given me the ability to have time to spend with them. In reality, I just am not happy with my job. However, in order to quit and do what I really want to do, means sacrifices from my whole family.

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