You need to challenge yourself!

Does burnout subdue empathy
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   When you think about your dreams, how important are they for you? What are you willing to make so you can make your dreams come through? What obstacles are between you and your ideal life? Would you like to overcome them? How are you going to do that?

   Life is not easy and it’s not meant to be easy. If it would be easy, we wouldn’t have emotions. In my opinion, the greatest satisfactions come from overcoming the biggest challenges. Whenever we encounter a challenge, we tend to run away if the outcome is not big enough. If what we want to accomplish is not important enough for us, we’ll tend to run away whenever we encounter a roadblock. Don’t get me wrong! A challenge isn’t pleasant. It never is because it causes anxiety. If it doesn’t cause that anxiety, then it’s not a problem facing it.

   If you challenge yourself, you can develop different skills that can help you later in life. Each wooden chair has been a tree first. That tree faced the challenge of being cut and processed in order to become a chair. We need to model ourselves in order to become how/what we’d like and modeling involves chopping some bits and pieces in several spots. That chopping can hurt, but it’s for the better. That pain is for a better future.

      What challenge do you need to face but you’re too afraid to do it just yet?

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  1. For me, it has been less about chopping pieces of myself off than about fully recognizing and integrating all the pieces of myself, then letting what is not me fall away.

    But then, I am a poet — I think we should, in general, let the trees happily grow, and sit in the ground just as happily beneath them in the shade…

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  2. Fixing up my resume and really start applying for jobs after college. Because once I begin, I have to be ready to be rejected plenty times and say no a couple times to find a job. Have imposter syndrome and then apply for grad school. It’s about to be a busy year

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  3. I think my understanding of life (and my life) started changing after I agreed to face my fears and get into things. It is still hard but it works well! The last thing that i had to face was some emotions that I was afraid to express, and I am still working on this. That is my goal for now: being able to express these feelings and not escape them.

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      1. I think it is the realization that I was focused too much on external goals and was feeling some kind of conflict in me. Naturally, I am not a goal-oriented person, I focus more on process. But external factors made me go outside of my nature. That tired me and annoyed me subconsciously.

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