Question of the Day – No. 247

What is the most interesting lesson you’ve learned this year?


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  1. This just happened to me today. An old friend of mine met me and told me that he follows my blog and is really inspired by it and that my blogs and quotes have helped him a lot.
    It just gave such happiness to me which I can’t really express.
    The lesson I have learnt is, if you have a good intention to help people, happiness and satisfaction will always be by your side.

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  2. hmmmm interesting. That’s hard! Most useful I could probably decide but most interesting? So much interests me, even if it’s just in passing. & I doubt I can remember everything interesting I’ve learnt this year to compare it all to make that decision 😉

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  3. I learned you sometimes need to change plans, give up on your projetcs and refind yourself, do something that makes you feel good. Sometimes a hard decision leads to a lighter way, listen to yourself, your needs and your hapiness first.

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  4. You never know until you do it… Take risks. I’ve always been a very safe person and I love being in my comfort zone, this year I learnt to come out and do something different.

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  5. Smile at strangers a lot. You might be entertaining an angle. No matter age, weight or color… I was surprised to see a hefty older woman smile at me. Now, that showed her love. You just saw it. What happens when you do it? I enjoy smiling at strangers. I hope it makes a better world.

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  6. Never argue with a Fool, he will only drag you down to his level and beat you with experience( Albert Einstein) also that the Surgeon General was right all along about smoking.

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      1. A friend of mine who voted for Trump wanted to know why I didn’t support Trump. I listed all the Controversies surrounding the President and he Circumnavigated them like an Artful Dodger, telling me that we all have Skeletons in our Closets. His Attitude was that of in Love and War all is Fair. I told him that OJ was Acquitted but it doesn’t mean that he was innocent.

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  7. Reblogged this on My Soul Balm and commented:
    The most interesting lesson I’ve learned this year is that sometimes you have to take a step back in order to understand what’s really important in life. You win the race the day you stop running.

    I didn’t know what a great life I was missing out on until I stopped chasing success, trying to be this great person whom everyone loved and respected. I’m certainly not paid as well (yet) working a part time job and being creative full time but honestly I’m the happiest I’ve ever ever been in my life.


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