Question of the Day – No. 264

What’s the most common excuse people use so they don’t do the things they need to do?


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  1. I can only speak for myself since I don’t know all the details behind someone else’s excuse. For me it’s, “I didn’t have enough time to…”. Fact is though, more often than not, if I were to rearrange my priorities, there would be enough time.

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      1. Honestly, probably that the thing taking up time is more enjoyable. Example: having that extra cup of coffee and a smoke (I know…nasty habit) is more enjoyable than folding and putting away the laundry.

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      1. Oh yes! There is a way to prioritize things so I can have more time.
        And indeed, thanks for remembering. What I would do more with the extra time is write more.
        And compose a little bit more song.

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  2. I cant say this is a common one because I’m only in my own headspace but…

    even when in my mind i know how to do something or even know i can most definitely accomplish it no problem…

    If i dont feel i can accomplish it to my standards (perfect!) i wont even start or…

    When i get to a part i feel I’m incapable of perfection i simply stop!

    for how long is always the big mystery.

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  3. Common is not how I prefer to think or operate so I will give one real excuse and a few that are better.

    What if I change my mind? If I try I might regret it.

    I would love to go but I have to feed my llama
    There is a pack a flesh eating zombies outside and I’m not fit enough to outrun them.
    I would love to take you dancing but Kevin Costner is teaching a class down at convention center and I’m going to learn how to dance with wolves.
    I’m waiting for it to rain.

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      1. I have never watched that show. Don’t tell anyone 🤫 but I don’t like Alec Baldwin. I’m glad they made you laugh though. They just popped into my head. I might have come up with something better if I actually would have thought about it.

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      1. “Close my eyes” and jump? LOL
        Real answer…………..well, I take a big breath and jump into the abyss of imperfection. So not too far from my first statement. My last blog post was about a very similar subject.

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