Question of the Day – No. 268

What could help you to be excited to wake up in the morning?

proposed by temperate5cat


63 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 268

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  1. I enjoy thinking about your questions but this is the first I’ve to which I’ve responded. Freshly brewed coffee made and delivered to me in bed by my husband. Very exciting!

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  2. Coffee? Not having to pack a school lunch? Knowing everyone is leaving the house and not work from home or fester on my couch with communicable diseases? Chocolate? 😉

    Aren’t you sorry you asked now? 🙃

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  3. Being off work so I could pursue my own interest. Sun coming through the blinds on a summer morning. The smell of bacon cooking. Actually I get excited when I wake and the body is feeling good. Everything else is cake.

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  4. When I know I have something good planned for the day, like if we are going road racing, birthdays, family days out with the kids or have a shoot planned with an awesome client. But as I sleep with listening to music I find that if I wake up to a favourite tune my body just wants to move so I wanna get up and bum wiggle dance and sing along

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      1. Good question, if money wasn’t an obstacle then my next objective would definitely be to gain as much knowledge as possible before I Parrish, how I’d go about that, idk yet but I’ve noticed the more I learn the easier things get and it makes life that much more enjoyable

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