Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

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Do you ever think about the reason behind why you do things? I have been asking myself this quite a bit over the last several days. If you read my post from yesterday, How I Try Not To Suck (As Much), then you know I have been going through some introspection following a particularly low period. I believe that part of seeing where things went wrong is understanding what the motivation is behind it. It doesn’t always work; sometimes there is just no clear answer as to why things went down the way they did. And sometimes, you can get a little glimpse into the inner workings of your thought process and you find that golden nugget of cause underneath all the effect. Voila, you just found your “Why.”

My Why

  Here is what I figured out when thinking about why I started blogging:

  1. I want to find a voice for my thoughts and observations- Obviously, that is why most people start blogging. Then there are all the fun parts like trying to monetize it, collaborating with others, etc. 
  2. I have a need in my life that isn’t being met- Although I work with people in my real world job, I don’t have many non-work related connections or social contacts. I have five children, and most of my time when I’m not on call I am at home. I want different ways to connect with people and share what I think, and also learn from them, too.
  3. I want to do something new. That one is pretty self-explanatory.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

  When DM and I first talked about me writing a guest post here on Pointless Overthinking, I didn’t realize how successful it would be. Since then, I have been honored to be asked to be a regular contributor here, and I have met many amazing bloggers and writers. The reason that I am writing this short post tonight is that I want to ask the community here that follows Pointless Overthinking to go one step further. I am looking to collaborate with other bloggers on more projects, and I am looking for more followers both for all of the authors at Pointless Overthinking and also my own blog Hey Mom, Now What? Please share with me any ideas you may have for collaboration, or just let me know if you want to work on a project together. I may be going out on a limb of shameless self-promotion here, but my goal is to connect with people in the writing world, and I think this is a great place to start. I value all of the comments you have made on my posts, and I would love to continue these conversations and work with other writers. So please check out my personal blog, comment any ideas you have below, and  continue to read the posts here at Pointless Overthinking from all of the awesome writers that DM has brought together. 

16 thoughts on “Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

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  1. I find myself agreeing with a lot of the points you were making. For me, my why is similar to yours in that I want to try new things and share my point of view with a wider audience. The general sort of malaise that was settling into my life I had to object to. And say stop. Time to find a new path. Part of that path is here, in creating a wordpress blog.
    I’m already impressed by the community. I’m still new at this, still sort of finding my voice in my work; but I’m committed to change. Making my work being about the things I care about in life. Joining this global community has been a great step for me. I would be happy to contribute in someway.
    I don’t really showcase it on my site yet, but I am a graphics designer. If you need help with graphics, I can lend a hand. Or if you want to use something off my site, feel free. If nothing else, we can encourage each other. All the best. And thanks for your great posts.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for the offer and I will definitely be checking out your site! I am really, really bad at visual creativity, so I need help on that end of things. If you have any posts that you want me to host on my site, let me know.

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  2. Same. I find writing is a good catharsis for expressing my thoughts and ideas, since especially I have problem talking. Not that I have a poor communication skills, I’m just not good at explaining things without sounding too complex or complicated. I have a lot of ideas and opinions in my head, but when I try to explain them verbally it often comes up short. When I deliver them in written forms, it always ends up longer than I initially planned (although not many would read all of them).

    Also I wish I can write for a living instead of just a hobby or psychological relief or necessity. But sometimes I think it’s the only thing I can do, and my writing is still… mediocre at best. I just need to keep practicing right?

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    1. Yes, keep at it. Everyone starts somewhere… I was never a writer or thought myself as “creative” until I gave it a try a few months ago. I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing, or am doing it well enough to pass as a blogger. But I like the challenge, and it is cathartic, just like you said.

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  3. Sometimes I have to push through moments of self-doubt. I am just one person among billions, and one blogger among millions. What makes what I have to say so interesting or important that others would take time to read? Then I remember the ‘why’. THIS is the life I want, so I will keep working through it. I also remember the adage that no one ever won a race by quitting half-way thought it.

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  4. Hi. I also write for Pointless Overthinking and have written and published lots of stuff in many places over the years. I’d like to write a response to “How I Try to Not Suck (As Much)” and post it here. I’ve noted that you are looking to collaborate with other writers. What would be a good way to get in touch with you? My email address is troyheadrick@gmail.com.

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  5. Connecting with other writers would be awesome. I just opened a new blog so still a little new at this, but looking forward to seeing what others are writing and doing!

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