42 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 287

  1. I like sailing so I would say the wind. As I think about it, even the lightest ripple on the water is an invitation to go sailing. Often the wind is a precursor to change. A Change in wind direction or temperature is an invitation if not a warning, that something is about to happen. I’d say the wind.

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  2. My husband, my pets, my dream board, and my salt lamp. The way my husband looks at me reminds me that I’m not the total disaster that I’ve been told I am. My pets make me smile with their antics, and love. My dream board reminds me that I’m strong, and blessed. My salt lamp sheds a lovely pink glow, that eases my anxieties, and makes it possible to push myself a bit.

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  3. Literally nothing at the moment, due to the cold and long Northern Europe winter. Waiting for spring, in the meantime I look into my cup of coffee 🙂

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  4. I like surrounding myself with art, my photography, others as well, drawings and paintings from friends and family and that I’ve done…also things that make me happy life penguins, cherry blossoms, Asian decor, fairies and various oddities.

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