Go nuts with this hypothetical!

Ok, I want you to think totally outside of the box – or inside of the box if you don’t like what’s outside the box. This is a glimpse into the sort of conversations my husband and I have at times.

If you could have anything – any thing – at all as a possession/pet, what would it be?

J wants a terminator so he could order it around the house. He loves the idea of a domesticated terminator doing the dishes, laundry, assassinations, etc.

However, I want a transformer so I could have a car that could drive itself and change into different styles at will. Most importantly I would like it to stomp and crush things and people as I desire. Hubby says an autobot won’t do that, I’d need a decepticon instead, and a decepticon won’t do what I say anyway. (Links provided just in case you’re unfamiliar)

I want global domination but I don’t want to have to work for it. I suppose that’s what minions are for.


What about you? Factual, fictional, realistic, or fantastic. This is just for funsies, give your brains a bit of a break from “growing and expansion” in serious personal development for some silly time.

38 thoughts on “Go nuts with this hypothetical!

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  1. I gave it some thought and what first came to mind was a pet human like on Futurama but ew that’s gross. Then I saw a music box where I could capture all my favorite artists and they would live in the box but would come out and be real and play for me any time I want. But then I thought of an idea that I would probably turn into a story if I was still writing. I’d call it the man in the music box. I would capture my dream man and have him live in the box. He would be allowed to come out and dance with me every time Glorious by Stephanie Mabey played. It’s not really funny but I would let him out whenever I felt sad or alone.

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    1. That’s beautiful. I’m imagining a music and light box, that would project out stars and disco lights, like a holographic projection. That sounds like a really cool device. It doesn’t have to be “funny”, it’s whatever lightens your heart 🙂

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      1. City predator, since I live in the city. Now, if we ever go camping or move out to the boonies, then I’ll hire a jungle predator….me and hubbs are currently watching Predators( the game preserve), we were just talking about them doing a movie about their home planet. I wanna know about their females, if they’re warriors?

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  2. I really really wanted to think of something smart and outside the box but every nerve in my body just screamed at me: CATS!! I love cats so damn much, they are the cutest things on Earth. Anyone watched Keanu the movie, that cat was adorable😭💔 I want a cat for a pet, the rest of my fantasies come in second! Sidenote: Venom wouldn’t be bad to have😂

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      1. Aahhhh Arnie. He was like reprogrammed or something because in the first one he was bad, but the 2nd one he was good. I don’t really know the Summer Glau one or terminator genesis.

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  3. Ok well my brain had a lot of fun with this!! I wanted to do a list as I really couldn’t pick just one, but I’ve narrowed it down to one item and one pet! 😂 My possession would be a more advanced version of a Penseive (thought holder from Harry Potter). I’d want it to be able to store thoughts and replay them as it does in the books but I’d also like a telepathic link hooking up to it so I could create lists, reminders, remove/block negative or bothersome thoughts with just a thought, all my listing and obsessing about forgetting tasks gone. All contained in one thought holder. Would also be great for times when you can’t sleep for things rocketing around your brain… Simply remove them and return to them at a more convenient time.

    Ok so for a pet, I’d love a size-changing fire Dragon. One that can carry me away to far off places with one sweep of it’s mighty wings, but will also keep me company on cold winter evenings and act as my companion, like a faithful Dog. Loyal, fearless and adaptable. Perfection.

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  4. Ok so technically one wand could give you unlimited undetectable extension charms as on Hermione’s bag, so that’s easily enough fixed… Could put it on drawers for towels, cupboards for snacks… Everyone would have that ONE bag… For literally everything… What would you want to carry around with you like she does? A library? A tent with a huge interior? 🤔🤔 I actually do have my very own room of requirement. In fairness it doesn’t change its contents, but it’s great for when the seeker has a particularly full bladder! 😂

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  5. Yeah, gotta go with the wand, just so I can apparate and go where I want when I want. That would be SO much nicer than dealing with traffic.
    I’d also take that tub out of the prefect’s bathroom 🙂
    Or a rather good sized tub made out of rose quartz, with plenty of hot water and bubbles on a beach – where other people don’t go.
    The list could go on for a while….

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      1. some of them are a little less on the whimsical side:
        -every animal who wants a good home has one, and every one who wants a pet is well matched
        -a ball pit filled with heavy enough hard enough balls to “roll out” all the muscle adhesions and discomforts
        – my 17 year old body back, but with my current smarts, and possible medications
        -a cure for stupidity, and cruelty
        -Dorothy’s Magic Belt from the Oz books
        -less sensitivity to sound overall
        -the ability to speak to animals (heh – the looks on their faces would be AWESOME!!!)
        -a healthy environment. globally
        – Starfleet!
        – T.A.R.D.I.S. (any of the current regens is definitely allowable)
        – more kindness in this life
        – an island with a cabana boy who knows how to mix a margarita and give a killer pedicure
        -the ability to surf
        – naturally occurring indigo hair

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      2. Excellent. Which of those is most real in your life at the moment? Or closest to resembling it? Get creative in trying to figure that out. If you’re really stuck, then which is closest to ever being a reality (like you could take surfing lessons? Or dye your hair indigo, like Marge Simpson isn’t a natural blue)

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      3. I DO dye my hair indigo, LOL!
        I work on being kind – it’s the only thing I can do to change how much kindness there is in this world.
        I’m also working on lessening on my overall imprint on the global resources.

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    1. Haha. You can keep him in a cage by your desk. “Tony, keep complaining. Your pointless questions are fantastic food for my blog!” (Evil laughter. You’ve become the dragon you conquered within. Muahahaha!)

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  6. Last summer I posed this question to a room of eighth graders. The first student replied that she would like to have a “whole” family. Whoa! The second student replied “to have summer camp be more fun.” Ouch! And on it went, except for one student, who sat quietly in a dim corner, hoping I would not call on him. I stepped away from the other students, walked over to him, and quietly asked him if there was anything. He quietly replied, “To have his best friend, alive and well.” At the age of 9, he lost his best friend to cancer… and had been sitting at his bedside when he passed away. In that moment, we connected and began sharing personal stories… he about his friend and me about our late son. This question can elicit some sobering responses.

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  7. Late getting to this one, but I left it the notice in my email so I’d come back to it.

    Answer; A Green Lantern ring; a real one. They can create things from pure willpower, and you have to learn to overcome your fears to get the most of them.

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