Where are the dreams? – SUMMARY

After revising my all the posts, I considered that I should post the Summary of the series ‘Where are the dreams’. The summary is an excerpt of the whole series which gives you the important information about the idea of the series in brief.

So here’s the Summary:-

The youth of a state of India is highly addicted to an exam named IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and they don’t want to live in India, because of high corruption and unemployment(even after the high scored marks in the studies) like issues in the country. If somehow they get the job, they do not get the salary according to their hard work. That’s why they choose to migrate abroad by clearing this exam to live a good life.

IELTS has positive as well as negative impacts on the territory. From the point of patriotism, IELTS is a bane for the country, but from the aspect of poverty of poor people, it works as a boon, a lifeline for that people. I do not favor the IELTS, but also I can’t say that the youth is doing any wrong thing. In all my blogs, I just rendered my own thoughts and ideas about the exam.

The people have gone enough crazy to go to foreign countries that they can do anything for that. They are using spouse method, they are using study visa, and even the illegal methods. The values of relations are demolishing by time, their love for each other is fading, the individualism is roughly increasing. All in all, the Punjab state’s people are trying to copy the lifestyle of European people but mistakenly their reputation is likely to be corny because a copy is just a copy, not original and natural. Or might be they are trying to solve the issue of the population of the country in a corny way.

Here’s what you read in the series-






In short, this series is all about a state of India where the intellect of people is deflecting due to just an exam which can bring them to the tier 1 countries for high standard life, due to which the country love is sharply declining in them. As a result, the IELTS exam is proving to be a bane for the youth of the province.

That’s all from this series. I hope you’ve liked it!

The next series is on the way and coming soon on the blog. The series will be about the story of relationships and breakups. 😉

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

One thought on “Where are the dreams? – SUMMARY

  1. I’m looking forward to your next series; and I’ve appreciated this one. It makes me sad to think of the potential for the Punjab region being abandoned for something that is different.

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