62 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 310

  1. Love. And anger, although this depends on the person I am with. If it is someone I know well, I am more likely to snap. Mostly because I find it difficult to express my anger towards people I am less familiar with, or even strangers with, so I store it up. One wrong word can trigger me then, and it’s usually a friend or family member who gets the heat. So my loved ones get it all, both the love and the anger, haha!

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  2. I has a phobia of showing emotions that will get me beaten with a rake (my phone predicted “beaten with a bra”). I not as good as I like to be at not showing emotion.

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  3. Anger. I have been conditioned over the years to believe that my anger, all of my feelings really (unless it’s happiness,) are inconsequential compared to others. My feelings have always been pushed aside or ignored, so I’ve gotten used to keeping most of what I feel bottled up. I know it’s not healthy, but it’s what I do.

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  4. probably love and affection because im not clingy or the one who always says ‘i love you’ and stuff. but i read somewhere that surprise and shock is the emotion that is hardest to express – whether you are faking it or not – because your reaction will just give you away easily.

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      1. Before seeking help, it was instant rage/defensiveness. I didn’t have the tools/diagnosis to grasp what was happening. When it hurts, automatic yelling and screaming and building the wall higher. Now, though not perfect, I am able to walk away. Hold my tongue. Pray.

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  5. Anger. I feel anger as we all do. But my extreme fear of confrontation means that in an argument or even hearing a heated discussion (don’t have to be taking part) I inwardly back down instantly. It’s one of my worst qualities. People tell me I’m strong… As soon as confrontation arises I find out how weak I truly am. And that hurts.

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      1. I can’t speak when someone confronts me… I internally shut down! Rabbit in the headlights syndrome. Afterwards I get all these brilliant ideas of things I should have said and how I should have stood up for myself. Hindsight is a wonderful thing… 😒

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      2. Two inches tall… Like a child being wrongly accused of bad behaviour but unable to speak out against it. For a woman of 6’0 tall it’s hardly like many people speak down to me physically, women especially… But in a confrontation I may as well be 2″ tall…

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  6. I think I have a different issue. I find it hard not to show my emotions. To hide that, I sometimes end up controlling too much, in which case I show no emotion. So, I am at the extremes in this. But in general, if I feel something and I need to express it, I will.

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  7. I hate to show my vulnerabilities. I find it hard to ask for help as I’m the ‘strong’ friend. I’m usually the person that everybody comes to so when I’m asked how I am it’s always ‘I’m fine’ because I don’t want to be a burden or annoy other people, esp when I know they are going through a hard time and my issues seem silly in comparison. Saying that, I know that my facial expressions are always showing my emotions, my daughter tells me that I can’t lie about how I feel as they can read it off my face, esp if I’m angry or disgusted by something/one

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    1. So your body, especially your face, do express your feelings, but you try to hold them down so others don’t get annoyed. How do they react when they read the feelings off your face?


      1. Yeah to a point. Not everybody wants to hear what you have to say. I don’t sugarcoat things so I know I can be quite blunt at times. My kids say I have the ‘look’. People’s reactions depend on the situation tho, I can either hear ‘I can see it written all over your face!’ Or they shake their head at me and we then start to discuss things. I don’t see it as a bad thing it’s more of a natural reaction to me, like 55% of our non verbal communication is body language.

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  8. I easily express all of them (true Italian blood here…), but I am not the best one when I have to apologise. I am trying to improve this, though. And, moreover, there are some feelings towards specific persons I will never manage to express. Those are persons I have “history” with, from my past or childhood, and with whom I created a “wall” between each other to protect myself. Once I reach that level, expression becomes impossible for me.

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