54 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 325

      1. Ty! It’ about a young man’s trip to London where he meets a mysterious older man and an arduous relationship tries to take root

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  1. Not much without glasses. But really I’m focusing on getting proper rest, eating better and trying to do more with less time. Oh yeah, trying to survive in a young persons profession late in my life.

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      1. Here in Monroe County Tennessee every rule of law goes out the window. You see for 40 years I have been on the right side of the law. I made a huge mistake in June last year. A crazed woman threatened my wife and child and I took my knife out of its sheathe in order to defend them. This woman then decided to call the police and play victim. That line was bought hook line and sinker. I was taken to jail. I spent 2.5 days in what could only be described as hell. Bail was made, I’ve been out on bond. I do not have money to retain my own lawyer and must then be at the hands of a “public defender” of course in Monroe County, Tennessee the words public defender actually translates into “paid by the same people who pay the prosecution to get you to agree to a deal” .. So yeah.

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      1. Probably the emotional hardship stuff. A dear friend of mine was pulled out of my life, and the last few months have been really hard. It’s not fun learning how to be alone, although the process is kind of necessary I guess. It’s not fun in dealing with family struggles though

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    1. That’s great! today I’m focusing on reading all these awesome comments and replying to them. I’m sorry I haven’t got back sooner. There have been some tough couple of days…


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