Question of the Day – No. 338

What is your biggest regret?


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  1. I don’t know if it’s my biggest regret, but one thing I regret is not accepting a full ride to the Air Force Academy when I was a senior in high school.
    The story behind that is short.
    I had taken the ASVAB test and apparently scored fairly high on it because about a month later, I got a letter from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO offering me a 4-year full ride.
    Unfortunately, I wear glasses and I’m a woman, so they wouldn’t let me learn to fly so I turned down the scholarship.
    Now, all these years later, I feel foolish because I could have been set for life … more or less.

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      1. Yep, I just mixt a bit of wine with water, I was naive back then. It was actually his last wish towards me, and I didn’t respect it. I honestly didn’t since then have a bigger regret then not fulfilling a dying mans last wish. 😦

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    1. You’re still very young! If you really focus in something, you can achieve more in one year than you’ve done in the last 5 years. The past cannot be changed, but the future can through the present!


      1. For me any bad situation is connected to the way that is leading to my dreams. We attracting everything to ourselves with our own feelings. ☺️

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  2. A part of me wants to say getting pregnant at 17, but honestly my daughter is the soul reason for my determination and work ethic so im going to say.. dropping out of college. not thinking i could finish trying to work full time and being a new mother. There are so many resources, if i had known about them then i would have finished by now.. still i love my life dont, get that twisted lol

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      1. Fear of failing on the part of the scholarship. It meant leaving my comfort zone. As far as not saying yes, that was something completely different. And I didn’t realize it would be the last chance.

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  3. Time (and love) wasted on wrong, toxic, fake people. For the rest, all that happened has been for a reason and brought me where I am now πŸ™‚

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    1. I believe that those people cannot have your best interest since they view your world through their own core beliefs, which are formed based on their own past experiences. Do you!


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