Question of the Day – No. 351

How easy is it for you to have a conversation with yourself focusing on only one topic?


58 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 351

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    1. I’m a bit like you, my mum is usually my only visitor. But we do talk on and off over the phone all day. Good job our phone calls are all included in our phone plans. ☺️

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  1. for me – that way madness lies. I love variety. A conversation on one topic is bad news, it means I’m either over-analysing it or obsessing about it, & thus it shouldn’t get the airtime.

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      1. My mind is usually bouncing between things I want to do, need to do, or didn’t do. Then there are the pint size versions of me that wonder the house asking a million questions.

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      1. Admittedly…and unfortunately, all the time. To buid an opinion and to make decisions it is basically helpful to consider all perspectives…but it is also very stressing to ponder all the time. And finally, sometimes I am not sure if my decision is correct because it can be hard to silence opposing voices in my mind.

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      2. You can look at my cartoon “Who are you?” published in my tiny blog…it deals with different, competing personality shares.

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  2. I’m always talking out loud as I’m on my own unless my mum come round, but I like to think I’m talking to the cats and yes I do answer back at myself for them. Maybe I’m just a bit crazy 😜

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  3. I do my serious talking to myself when I’m driving. My inner voice has called shot gun, has got popcorn ready to munch, and her drama queen crown tilted with a baseball bat swinging and then I can talk on the serious things that I need to work out, plan and solve. So I can keep myself pretty focused on those things. But if it’s nothing serious, then I can’t focus, everything is flooded into my mind, makes my eyes rolls!

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      1. very helpful.. its like a flow of thoughts that just keep going on .. its positive and gives good energy. but i sometimes feel that i have a lot more to do that what I am doing right now. if gives excitement and a sense of challenge which is hopeful and good.

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  4. Difficult to generally focus on one topic, unless I am writing. I get into “the flow” and my mind does not wander. I am sure many writers in the blogosphere identify with this concept. 🙂 Erica

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  5. I don’t know.. when i sit to a topic.. i keep with it. I dig it more deeper into learning more. I think more about it. Until i come to a conclusion.. 😅😊

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