Question of the Day – No. 353

What kind of book you’d like to read, but you couldn’t find just yet?


66 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 353

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  1. The one that relates to my style of thinking, there’s only being one or two books that are explained exactly as I wanted, one being: The philosophy of life, which is by far the best read I have ever read. 👍

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  2. I’d like to read a book that takes into account the real advancements in human society and makes predictions of the future that aren’t the same genocide filled dystopia crap we get from just about every sci-fi book these days.

    What’s yours?

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    1. Just have a look at the Innovation & technology reports of major consulting firms or OEMs (often available online) and you will get an outlook. But admittedl, you won`t find any fiction for entertainment…Well, why not authoring a SiFi book on your own?

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  3. I would say it is hard to imagine. Books that I read gave me a lots of knowledge and I am still learning. I guess books that can teach me even more.

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      1. A girl and her family move into a home into a new home next to a cemetery. (Cliche I know) and the girl becomes aware of a ghost-Heather. A young ghost girl who is lonely. Ultimately the ghost girl tries to drown the young girl so she won’t be alone.

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  4. My dad grew up in West Dulwich in London during ww2. I loved to listen to his stories about his life. I did ask him to write down about his life. Which he did but he only got as far as going to Oxford university on a scholarship as he passed away before he could finish it.

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