Know Yourself… You’re Everything You Have

know yourself
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever thought yourself as being an asset? Before going forward and thinking about an asset for the world, think about the fact that you are an asset for you. I know that we tend to put other first and what that does is to unconsciously send the impression that we’ll always be the last person taken into consideration.

You probably noticed that self-love is a challenge. The same was for me until I realized some things:

  • regardless where life takes me, I’m always there;
  • if I love myself I can interact with others more selflessly;
  • I trust myself I can take on more difficult challenges;
  • I take more care of myself which increases my health;
  • my mood is better.

This will sound stupid, but think about yourself the way you think about a new car. Remember those movies when someone buys a luxury car and that person sits around it all day washing it and paying attention to any potential scratch? What if we act that way when it comes to ourselves? What if we try to know and accept ourselves?

There is another trick here. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses and you truly accept them, you won’t search for outside approvals no more. Also, once you accept your weaknesses, you won’t get upset if someone or something points them out. And the good think is that you can do something about them if you want to. If not, accept them. It will release you from searching outside acceptance.

Sure, I know you probably have many negative thoughts that f*cks up your mind. We all do. I had so many that they kept me down almost all my life. But remember that your past doesn’t decide your future. Think about your past like an Uber car. It brought you here, but it doesn’t decide what you’re going to do from now on.

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself and what can you do to change it for the better?

9 thoughts on “Know Yourself… You’re Everything You Have

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  1. Well, things that you realised are not stupid at all. Everyone should think about themselves that way. If we do, we know how to appreciate the outside world, people, animals and nature. Someone, who doesn’t love themselves can’t love other people and this is on that level where the soul is in present, but not the ego. People who are driven by ego can’t love themselves even if it looks like, they are consumed by ego and don’t even know about that. I think you on the right track. The next step is to rid of negativity. 🙂 Wish you luck. 🙂

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  2. I am peaceful with myself and take care of mind very well. The struggle and relax time all should be balanced. I take care of self like a kid 🙂

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