27 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 358

      1. Why I think and act the way I do sometimes. Is it always in my best interest? In the interests of my family and loved ones? A serious, truthful examination through self-dialogue.

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  1. With God. He is the first person I come to for answers. As a child He was my imaginary friend . I came to God for everything. This has not changed. Question I would ask are. “ what is the purpose for this pain? Help me to understand? Then I would ask for immediate healing depending on His response. I have had a number of miraculous healings . He has never let me down

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      1. I guess because I still try to find my own way, so talking about myself only makes me feel bad about myself. Guess I have self esteem issues about my current life situation. Or probably mid-life crisis?

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      1. Pushing myself to achieve certain goals and acknowledge my own self worth. I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others and tying my worth to their perceptions of me. That isn’t how it should be and yet… I am unable to change it so far.

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  2. It’s a process of continually asking the next question. Like children who keep asking Why? What is the belief behind this pain or suffering? What evidence supports it? What are all the thoughts it bring up? Are my emotional reactions based on misinterprataion or faulty conclusions? I think if you keep the so called authority of what’s paining you on the defense, it can eventually be seen through so its hold can’t last. If this doesn’t work, your only option may be to surrender it, to your God or a power you believe can take it from you.

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