Question of the Day – No. 359

If you think about your life so far, what did you think it was impossible and it turned out to be real?


29 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 359

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  1. I don’t know. What feels real also feels unreal. I don’t know what is impossible, only unlikely. Everything I’ve ever done or said is true and not true – everything is about ones own perspective.

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  2. Being able to appreciate a book and share my thoughts after a not so successful vitrectomy surgery that scarred my retina. I thought being visually handicapped will impaired my ability to see nOt tO mention read a book. Thanks to Technology, I am able to do so with various Apps & devices. Everything happens for a reason. Should I not have been visually impaired I probably would not appreciate a good read & share my after Thoughts.

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  3. I really thought it would be impossible to live without the suffering associated with depression and mental illness, but I am fortunate that I am currently on the other side of that suffering for now. I’m taking full advantage of this break to write a memoir. That, I also thought was impossible.

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      1. Years of therapy ☺️ Finding a knowledgeable, competent, caring psychiatrist to accompany me and help to guide me through the jungle of depression and PTSD with all of its dangers and unknown challenges. Supportive friends and family. And a stubborn tenacity to never quit getting up after I fall down and a determination to face my demons head on. And I also think it’s important to acknowledge that I do all that knowing that there are going to be dark days and moments of terrible anxiety but that I have the skills to persevere through those times. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

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