46 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 379

  1. Was on date, during my early 20’s, and the date passed gas. It came out loud enough for the 4 tables surrounding us to hear. I reassured her, it was “ok” and started laughing, she joined me 5 minutes later and she felt out of the uncomfortableness. We laughed throughout the entire evening 😂😂

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  2. I was at the 9/11 museum and they were showing a video in a mini cinema and there were subtitles underneath and one slide said “dramatic music” and the next one said “dramatic music continues” and I had to hold myself back from laughing because I would have got sooo many judging stares if I had (it’s so bad I know)

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  3. During tech school, when I was studying to be a Clinical Laboratory Technician; we had a class on “Urinalysis and Other Fluids”. We cleared out the cafeteria laughing and making terribly rude jokes about feces. Loads of them…

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  4. After I gave birth to my boy… Here.. you can’t find a baby’s gender.. so everyone kept guessing, saying, that it is a girl. My complexion is white.. the way I hold my belly.. this and that.. so I believed it will be a girl baby. The name I picked out was for a girl.. my baby blankets were pink… Diaper bag was pink… And, out came my little neanderthal… Laughed straight for 5 mins… Nurses thought I’ve gone crazy…

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      1. Hmmm.. I was not clear I think…In India.. some idiots prefer boy children.. the fact that I did not cry with joy because I had a boy and I thought it was girl made the nurses think I was crazy. And… He’s ok..gave the pink blankets and the name I selected to another mother I met in the hospital. I even write about my little neanderthal in my blog… He’s a preteen now😍😍

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      1. We were at the beach in barefeet as usual and he was running and being silly and ran straight into where a person was fishing and trod on their fishing gear

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  5. There was a fight of 2 people a collector office today 😅 i almost brust out laughing lol. We were all waiting in a line for a chance it was nice entertainment 😝

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  6. In church. Forget how old I was, but I was at a christening. The priest said something I considered funny and I was off. My aunty made it worse by turning around and whispering, ‘Melissa! You shouldn’t laugh in the house of the lord!’ which only made me laugh harder.

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  7. Temple and church, I am Jewish and only go to temple on the high holidays and church if it is a baptism or something.

    At temple my sister and I can’t stop talking and people shush us and our husbands literally have to separate us.

    Church is a bad place to laugh when you are a guest but when you feel out of place it everything is funny. I always make my own joke will there be thunder when I walk in.

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  8. Got a volleyball ball hit me right in my hand almost breaking my wrist (but my bones are weird and it was only a sprain) it hurt soo badly, i couldn’t even move my hand… and couldn’t stop laughing. Instead of crying i guess

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