5 (More) Things We Should Give A Lot Less Fucks About.

Our f*cks are limited, or they should be! Max advices are very helpful to look what and where you can (or should) give your f*cks.

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#1 Trump

You may already agree with me. You may not. Either way, I can’t wait for the hate mails.

Look, I understand that you may not be a Trump supporter. For those of you who believe in communism or consider themselves leftists, may see Trump as the next Hitler/Stalin/Satan who will start World War 3. The evil capitalists and those on the right believe he is your savior who will Make America Great Again and that we’ll all party like it’s Woodstock, 1969.

But you know what? He is neither.

He isn’t their savior because he is a needlessly controversial president who can’t get his facts right when it comes to public debates, and also isn’t what the left accuses him of, because the US had a whole lot of controversial presidents who were ineffective and didn’t do shit at the end of the day.

In addition, the US…

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15 thoughts on “5 (More) Things We Should Give A Lot Less Fucks About.

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  1. Hhhhmmmmm….. well while I agree there are many topics swirling around that I could give two shits about a few of these I feel are a bit off base. If I as an American citizen don’t care about who is leading my country and what direction we are going in than that indicates a real problem to me. I feel very much that we are treading into some scary waters like a 1984, handmaidens tale type scenario. Ignorance is not bliss it’s just ignorance. And as far as feminism is concerned- just because something is not quantifiable in your opinion does not make it any less true or unconscionable. The reality is that even are statistics on violence and harassment of women are incorrect because many of these happenings still are underreported. I am not sure where you live or what your gender is but I think you may want to re-evaluate your line of thinking. If we stop giving a fuck than our right to stop giving a fuck may be revoked entirely…… ijs, there are far more things to give zero fucks about…..

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    1. It’s sad that the reality is hidden while we are led to believe that some random things are more important than others. I’m not sure what decides what’s important and what’s not, but we can change that daily.


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