Question of the Day – No. 381

What would you do if you could be invisible for 24 hours?


62 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 381

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      1. If I’m not at work, surrounded by people, then I’m at home, surrounded by people as well. I love them to death but sometimes I miss just having a bit of time alone.

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      1. Can always transfer the money on a computer. Can watch someone do that in the mornings and do that later on their brake or at their closing time. Cameras wont see anything. Especially if i throw the computer’s hard drive in the toilet

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  1. Oh… does that include not tripping motion detectors and such? Because if so, I’d spend a the night wandering museums, enjoying the quiet and looking at displays without fighting for space and sight. I think during the day I’d just find a neat place to be – maybe naked at the beach? Well, mostly – there are some places sand doesn’t belong! Hopefully, being invisible would also keep me from getting a sunburn!

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  2. I’d probably spy on a lot of people’s private conversations so I could live vicariously through them and get ideas for my writing. It might be tempting (but illegal) to go into supermarkets and take whatever I want but people could probably see the shit I was stealing floating in midair. 😛

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