Question of the Day – No. 382

What is the most interesting idea you’ve encountered this week?


32 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 382

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  1. I’d say that you can either have the Christian one which has turned up in 2 separate posts – god is man (Jesus) and therefore man can become god again (immortality in the afterlife?) and a post all about philosophy, power, ruling and how it’s changed over the years and the causes of these changes. Sorry I’m making at making decisions hence you got 2.

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  2. That if as humans we compare ourselves often To both our world and our immediate community (or friends or relatives or co-workers) why not make our minds out and fill it with so many books and ideas that we can’t help but have help even if our physical world sometimes is tough? Also I am obsessed with popcorn 🍿.

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    1. Is is actually a great approach. Gary Vee keeps telling us we should suffocate ourselves with positivity. I guess that if we do it, positivity will be all we have.


      1. So many, wouldn’t know where to start. Some were based on religion, politics, race/ism and more.
        The best one for me, similar to your response, we like to feel appropriated (even when we don’t “deserve” it)

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  3. That I can be in pain and still be happy. That maybe I can make a difference in some way to improve things for my children and their children. Oh yeah, the most important. Mixing bacon and peperonni on pizza is great.

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  4. Idea that I won’t make the same mistake in love that I did before. Useful one, and achievable and now I am proud of myself 😂

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  5. More a resurfacing of an old idea first out out by Russian theorist Bhaktin that the medieval Carnival evolved into the novel. Initially it was a Christian festival the day before lent and became a day of reversal when the ordinary person could dress up as a king or queen. It therefore has at its core an anti-authoritarian impulse. Was wondering where else we might find this mode of thinking in society today. In some ways I feel we are constrained and over regulated within societies that appear to be open and free?

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  6. That we can retrain our brains to have a consistent positive thought cycle rather than a negative one and that being happy causes success and in turn more happiness rather than being successful causing happiness.

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      1. I’m a fairly negative person sometimes so it’s pretty important. It’s all about changing your perspective. Thinking glass half full. Rewiring ourselves to think positive whenever a negative thought comes into our minds.

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