48 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 384

      1. Blaming someone or something else for the choices we have made.
        So a lack of responsibility and accountability and possibly transparency leads us not to let others see in ( check our error) but also if someone can’t see in then we cannot see out. Hence the blindness…..maybe.

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  1. True hatred to me is a disdain so deep and profound that one is unable to see any amount of good in the other person, group, race etc. True hatred is ugly, inside and out.

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  2. A word that has to be removed from the language. I used to say it before many times. Now I am aware of my words and this word doesn’t exist. Instead of: “I hate when the weather is bad”. I would say: “I love warm and sunny weather”. The difference is not only in the words but I see this in my life. Bad words lowering the vibration.

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      1. No. It’s same as all others. If you think it’s stronger then it is..but surely it affects the brain and depends on brain..

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      1. No, disagreement is an acceptable action. To me hatred is also an action. How we handle disagreement for example, is where that blatant disregard can come in to play. Debate and disagreement is healthy, spewing hate onto someone who disagrees with you is not.

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