The Impulse to Write

the impulse to write
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Does it ever happened to you to feel an impulse to write, even though the moments are not so appropriate? And even stranger, when you want to write, the words won’t come? It very often happens to me to just wander around and all of a sudden BOOM! Writing idea! And then I pounder on it for a minute or two and then I say to myself that I’ll develop it when I get home. But guess what happens when I get home? I totally forget what I wanted to write about.

When The Idea comes, write it down!

I’m learning this the hard way. As someone who wants to write daily, finding new ideas is a challenge. I’m trying to pay attention to my ideas and when one worth writing about comes, I’m writing it down even though it’s not the right time. You might be on the toilet (which might be a great time to write) or you might be at the groceries store. It takes 30 seconds to write a phrase on your phone. It’s a simple habit, but you’ll thank those 30 seconds later.

When an emotion is present, try writing about it

As I mentioned before, we’re impacted by emotions so writing in the presence of one will help you transmit it better. Even though there are so many people out there, there are not so many basic emotions. The best writing comes from being possessed by an emotion. The presence of it allows us find the most appropriate words that transmit it.

Anything is writable

It may sound stupid, but I often start writing with the phrase “What should I write about today?” and then I move forward writing my answers down. For example, this piece started with:

“What should I write about today? Maybe I should write something about writing itself, but what? I already wrote about writer’s block. How come sometimes the ideas come in the most inappropriate moments? How come I feel an urge to write in those moments? Yes! That’s it! I’ll write about the urge to write”

How often do you feel the impulse to write?


58 thoughts on “The Impulse to Write

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  1. This is so true. I often have the impulsive to write when I’m busy and when I don’t carry my pen with me. I hate it when the inspiration to write comes when I least expect it. What is my solution to this? Recently I have an idea to take pictures of books in batches and post it on Instagram daily. So, whenever I want to post on Instagram, I will make sure to make use of the caption to write my thoughts of the day.

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  2. I feel the impulse right when I’m about to fall asleep! It’s so annoying but when I wake up in the morning, there’s obviously no trace of the trail of thought from last night. I wish there was a way to record my thoughts before sleep 😅

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  3. I love how you use “What should I write about today?” as a writing prompt. It’s a very clever way to start! I feel the impulse to write when I’m going through deep emotions. Or when I haven’t written in days or when I’m going through changes in my life.

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  4. Yeah I’ve started writing down ideas for stories when they come, regardless of how or when or where they come. They might not be useful for today, but you never know.

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  5. I think it depends a lot on where I am in my mood cycling. Writing seems more probable when I’m feeling “up” than “down” – but in truth, “downtime” may be the best time for me to write, because I’m not multitasking – ar chasing a toddler.

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      1. I’d have to look at posts – I’m going to say “down” – but that may be because I’m not in the “up” phase. Were I “up”, the answer might be different!

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  6. Yes, write it down on anything! Lol i keep notebooks lying around everywhere. Sometimes i jot down a cool sounding one-liner, other times it will be a general idea or outline. Sometimes words and characters and plot or rhymes just fall out of my hands and its a quick masterpiece. But they die in my head if i do not get them out soon enough


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