33 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 391

  1. Sometimes it reminds me of the movie Ants where a stick falls across their path unexpectedly and all the ants balk not knowing what to do. Then I hear the calm voice of reason: just go around a different way. Or go over. It’s all good! Have a new situation? Learn a new way through.

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  2. It really does depend on the situation and the framing of the situation. If I encountered a stampede of people running I would have to evaluate if it were a race, or a health hazard. (And even then, these old knees aren’t running!) I believe, although this may be completely self serving, for the most part, I react with curiosity.

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  3. I immediately let my guard up and become very focused on what’s going on around me, so that I can gauge how to get out of the situation the fastest and least messiest way as I possibly can.

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  4. Friendly, open-minded, curious, learning, observing, offering & looking for support…if I am nervous, I try to make others laugh / smile …also to help myself by creating a positive atmosphere.

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  5. Well, if it sounds like it’s going to be a good situation (seminar for work), I’ll be nervous and excited. If it sounds bad/scary situation (recent diagnosis of cancer), I will act stoic until I’m by myself and then I’ll break down.

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