Are You Serious About Blogging?

This is a very interesting question and I think the answer won’t come so easy after reading this… What do you think?

The Art of Blogging

Do you know what is the biggest secret to growing Your Blog to thousands of adoring readers who follow every word you publish?

Would you like to know?

Let me be blunt: there are very few people in the world who can tell you.

The vast majority of so-called A-listers are bright but otherwise normal people who were in the right place, writing about the right things, at the right time.

Many of them pay thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising.

Why would they pay such outrageous fees?

Because they stumbled into popularity. Because they realize they got lucky, and they are desperate to seize the opportunity before it slips away from them. Little do they know, that we always make our own luck.

I turned this blog into one of the most popular blogs on WordPress to date. I did it by studying from all the great…

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9 thoughts on “Are You Serious About Blogging?

  1. Yes I am…. Could you please help me about this
    Iam asking you a doubt??
    This is it
    I bought a domain and a host in bigrock . I’m blogging in WordPress with WordPress. com .
    Now I want to integrate this domain and host to WordPress.
    That is If I type the domain name I bought It should show my blog in WordPress with the latest domain name.
    Could you please send me the process. Some are saying its not possible. Saying that I can only redirect.

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  2. I’m somewhere in between. Initially I enjoy blogging as a means to enjoy my pastime. But I do have a thought of making a living out of blogging, or writing in general. Initially, my blog was only for some sort of diary, set in private, mostly to express something in my mind that I could not really say. But recently… I’m starting to warm up to the idea of spreading and publishing my posts, whatever it is about.

    I guess I could some more pointers since you can consider me an amateur.

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      1. I guess for now… I’ll try to make myself known more, advertise myself, like… “Need English – Indonesian translation and vice versa or a content for your website? Call me”, something like that, for a start. As of now, it’s actually my freelance job

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  3. I don’t think I’m terribly serious about blogging. I like to read, and I like to write about what I read. I sometimes jot down something that might be insightful, or share a recipe I like, or something randomly funny that happened in my life. Honestly, I see some of the blogs I follow, and I think, I don’t have much to offer that’s going to be that interesting to folks!

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